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Here’s That “Phantom Menace 3D” Trailer

20th Century Fox released a trailer for the 3D version of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace before showings of The Three Musketeers this weekend.  The original was posted at Vimeo and then deleted.  This one is working as of 3 pm Pacific Monday — it’s from World Cinema News (with their own intro attached):


Feel free to debate whether 3D will get you back to the theater to see this again on February 10, or whether you’re still okay with the incessant re-releases and Lucas’ tinkering, or whether 3D will make Jar Jar Binks more or less palatable.

You in?

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  1. Tom Triumph says:

    In an age where the audience has so much power to create, you have to appreciate that Lucas does his thing regardless of the criticism.

    You can’t let something sit on a shelf and gather dust. Interacting emotionally with Star Wars is growth. From being ten for IV to having children who watch Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, my heart keeps expanding.

    Sure, that thing that you love lets you down at times, but that adversity binds you to it even stronger.

  2. Chris C. says:

    Failure? Adjusted for inflation, Episode I is #21 for all time box office $$. True, while Star Wars is #2, Empire is #12, and Jedi is #15, I still wouldn’t call any of the prequals a failure. Dark Knight is only #28, for comparison…

  3. IronDrew says:

    It’s just sad how George Lucas has continued to worsen and pervert these films.

    I was 6 when the first Star Wars film came out, and I still remember standing in a line that wrapped around the theater (more than once).

    The ongoing train string of failures in the Star Wars film franchise is a recurring train wreck that is on the scale of repeated Mike Tyson comebacks.

  4. Chris C. says:

    I’m pretty psyched for this!

    Apart from the fact that Phantom Menace always brings back good memories of camping out for the premiere when I was in college, I’m really excited about seeing it in theaters again. I also recently introduced my 5 year old son to Star Wars, and he has become a rabid fan. This now gives me an opportunity to take him to the theater to experience Star Wars on the big screen, and I can’t wait to share such a special moment with him.

    After all, it will have been almost 13 years at that point since Phantom Menace was in theaters, and 6 since any Star Wars movie has been. There is a generation of kids (many engaged in the Clone Wars show) eagerly awaiting a chance to see Star Wars the way it is meant to be seen. I say this is a great move, even if it is using 3D as an excuse.

  5. OatSoda says:

    I can’t wait until Lucas releases the entire series CGI remastered so that everyone is Jimmy Smits.

  6. Peter says:

    Whatever Haters! I’m psyched to see my favorite movie series on the Big Screen again. 3D or not!

  7. Eric Hoopingarner says:


  8. Stupid trailer gave away the frakkin’ ending!

  9. Lee says:

    Weirdly I never had a problem with phantom menace. I do however have a problem with 3D. So i will not be going to see this film again.

  10. Pedak says:

    I will not pay money to have a 3D Jar-Jar shoved in my face. But I will gladly join in an “Occupy Skywalker Ranch” operation to get Lucas to just release the original films.

  11. damocles74 says:

    Hey I have this 1999 Ford Taurus. Same engine and same shitty gas consumption. Hell even the tires are the same. but I paid for a brand new shiny paint job! I’m thinking that negates the Bluebook value and allows me to charge for it better than brand new! Who’s gonna give me $20,000.00?!…….Why is everyone telling me to go fuck myself? The George Lucas Course of Swindling has failed me!!

  12. Sean Storrs says:

    I have the same reaction I did when I first saw the news that the 3D versions were in the works. Even in 3D, young Anakin and Jar-Jar will still be two dimensional characters. I’ll most definitely pass on seeing “The Phantom Menace” again and may pass on seeing the prequels again altogether.

  13. David Zaine Aarons says:

    adywan’s Revisited editions are going to be definitive. A New Hope Revisited is already the only version of the original that will ever matter, and while people keep saying things about these ‘prequels’ or some such nonsense, I’m pretty sure those are just an urban legend.

  14. Jake says:

    I’ve never seen the original three movies in theaters, so when they finally come out I’ll go see them (in 2D if available). I’d prefer the unaltered versions, but as long as George Lucas is still alive, I’m guessing that won’t happen. I already wasted my money to see Phantom Menace in the theater once, I won’t make that mistake again, especially not for 3D.

  15. Zenjack says:

    I don’t like 3D and the Phantom Menace nearly destroyed my favorite movie series of all time. So I guess that’d be a big ass NO.

  16. Reed says:

    Guys, watch the fan edits. Adigitalman’s edits are the best place to start. And torrent the original unaltered trilogy (check out, and look for “darkjedi v3” to get a fan-restored version).

    But seriously, for the prequels, if you still like Star Wars at all, watch the fan edits. Then, be so kind as to shut the fuck up about Star Wars. It’s done.

  17. PapaFrita says:

    Maybe we should be petitioning him to re-edit the crappy ones instead of the classics. I’d have more of an incentive to see Phantom again if it made sense. And since he’s just CGI anyways, he can UN-make Jar-Jar.

  18. Mike Ives says:

    Wait, little George Lucas made how many films??? Honestly I only thought he made Star Wars and Empire….I did have a bad dreams about teddy bears defeating Storm Troopers with sticks and stones, Natalie Portman wearing clothes that mysteriously rip to reveal her midriff, a block of wood trying to be a child actor and what can only be the single useless charactersince cousin Oliver.

  19. Jeff Edsell says:


    Time to kick back and watch the fanboys drown in their own froth and spittle…

  20. T says:

    3D is the stupidest thing to ever happen to movies. Until they develop ACTUAL 3D movies — as in literally 3 dimensional holographic movies — I do not see why this “technology” is such a big fucking deal.

    It’s like a bunch of executives sat down and said “Well, since we can’t make a movie that’s nothing but wall-to-wall explosions from the first second to the last, what other cheesy gimics can we use to squeeze more money out of these saps? I know! We’ll bring back those corny 3D glasses from the 50s. People are that dumb, right?”

  21. Joshofriverbank says:

    I will go and fork over the cash to watch George desecrate greatness again. Why you ask? Because I am a moron. I want so much to watch Star Wars on the big screen that I will endure the worst of atrociousness.

  22. Christian says:

    Hate to say it, but Phantom Menace & the new Three Musketeers movie seem oddly well paired…

  23. vampiress says:

    i’m also not hip to retrofitting movies in 3d. unless the movie was made for 3d originally, adding it in later is too gimmicky and in my experience fails to add anything to the story telling. even most made to 3d movies fail to use the 3d effectively and only go for the illusion gasp that distracts from the story.

  24. vampiress says:


    this type of behavior should not be rewarded with my purchasing power.

    i’m also not hip to retrofitting movies in 3d. unless the movie was made for 3d originally, adding it in later is too gimmicky and in my experience fails to add anything to the story telling. even most made to 3d movies fail to use the 3d effectively and only go for the illusion gasp that distracts from the story.

  25. C says:

    No, same thing from the states.

  26. Z says:

    “Sorry, this video does not exist”

    Blocked in the UK, or dead link?