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Here’s That $500, Aluminum 1080p NES and Famicom Emulator You Always Wanted

Way before red rings and yellow lights of death, there was the NES, that great workhorse of a game system that seemed to keep going no matter how much damage you doled out to it. There are plenty floating around these days, which makes it easy to pick up the classic console and a handful of games.

Now, what if you have a touch of nostalgia but just feel like the original NES wasn’t quite… fancy enough?

Enter the Analogue Nt. Built using “original Nintendo hardware,” this $499 console can play your NES and Famicom carts while also giving you that inflated sense of ballerdom that your life may have been missing.

The reason for the hefty price tag? The Analogue Nt is made is a brick of crafted aluminum. No unsightly plastic chassis here. It also offers four classic controller ports out of the box as well as an HDMI adapter because Captain Commando would look weird through a simple S-video out.

I won’t lie: it’s kind of tempting, but then, my home isn’t nearly fancy enough for this thing. I don’t think anyone’s is.

HT: Analogue Interactive via Joystiq

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  1. Steve says:

    It’s not an emulator at all. Good job 

  2. Great That you are promoting this great product, but might want to read up on it. The biggest selling point of this product is that every other aftermarket console was an emulator (as you called this product), but this is made using the original chipset of the NES/Famicon. Therefore, It IS NOT AN EMULATOR.