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Here’s How to Watch the Curiosity Mars Landing (Update: Yeah!)

Live streaming by Ustream

(UPDATE: Well, that worked out well. Be here later Monday for Emily Lakwadalla’s observations from Pasadena)

O hai. Curiosity’s landing on Mars is scheduled for 10:31 pm Pacific Sunday night, which is 1:31 am EDT early Monday and 0531 GMT. You wanna watch coverage? NASA TV’s streaming coverage is embedded above. Live coverage is scheduled for 8p PDT, 11p EDT. You can also get video with no commentary by clicking here. In case neither of those work for you, try this video stream through the Gannett newspaper chain:

And the folks up in Pasadena watching at Planetfest are streaming their own festivities live, too:

Streaming live video by Ustream


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  1. @J_D_Bell says:

    Thanks, Chris, I’m glad you feel the same as I do about the Mars landing. And, I wanted you to know from one Tennessee nerd to another your is Nerdtopia to me. Thanks and please keep it up.

  2. Erik O says:

    Great site. This is such a big help. I’m a mechanical aerospace student right now and this is exactly what I want to do once I graduate. This helps younger people like me get inspire to fly our own rovers to Titan or Io or even to terraform mars and colonize it. Live long and be nerdy!

  3. @J_D_Bell Agreed! We as Americans did not achieve this alone. It is a great science day for everyone!

  4. @J_D_Bell says:

    This is a great achievement for us all as humans. This is not an American achievement as I have seen many say. I am a human first and an American second.

  5. alienjests says:

    Brilliant, thanks Nerdist crew.

  6. Brian E. says:

    That was amazing! Thanks for the hook up Nerdist. Incredible.

  7. Mitchell Wiggs says:

    Im a little confused by the level of excitement in the room. They all acted so surprised? I was under the impression we had already taken pictures from Mars, maybe i’m wrong lol?

  8. Brandon Cole says:

    I know a lot more than you because I can tell they are sucking everyone in, relogging everyones ip addresses they want the world to tune in to this so they can reload their systems with out data.

  9. Darren says:

    You fools! Don’t you know this is all being done from a Hollywood studio!? 😉

  10. Caitlin B says:

    This is very exciting, and I am very sleepy!

  11. Nick says:

    Judging by how these probes are built, this is the leftover of a NASA toaster and some Jeep Cherokee that someone left in a no parking area.

  12. Patrick says:

    If you don’t have nasa tv, but dont want to watch on your computer, you can watch live on your xbox 360 also

  13. MadMatt says:

    Not only is it apparently casual Friday at mission control but I caught a technician texting on his phone. If something goes wrong hopefully a real scientist is nearby in his whte lab coat. Perhaps smoking his pipe in the hallway.

  14. @Bob Do you smell toast?

  15. Jules says:

    hey Deb – i watched the first moon landing as a primary school kid. Technology may have come a long way but by now I thought we’d have a Mars base!

  16. Bob says:

    WTF is Will I Am talking about. He started talking about music just being a form of technology and I just wanted to make sure I was hearing it right and not having a stroke.

  17. Deb says:

    Just amazing. Imagine what those who watched the first moon walk would think of this. Technology has come so far.

  18. tony says:

    From Beyond the Moon!