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Hello Kitty Cameos in E.T., JAWS, and More Universal Movies

Becoming a star in Hollywood requires adaptability to achieve longevity and changing the game when the audience least expects it. If anyone knows how to remain a constantly evolving public figure, it’s Hello Kitty. Still at the forefront of pop culture after her 1976 debut, Hello Kitty remains a lovable, recognizable icon all over the world. Now the kawaii cat is ready to take on Hollywood as she takes up residence at the all-new Animation Studio Store at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Inside the store is a Hello Kitty lover’s paradise; everyone’s favorite cat is featured in clothing, snacks, and collectibles. She isn’t one to back down from the spotlight. The best part of this partnership is the array of merchandise showcasing designs incorporating Sanrio characters into classic Universal titles in the most adorable way possible.

Cups, t-shirts, journals and more can all be had featuring Hello Kitty happily swimming along as Jaws lurks menacingly below. The image is definitely more cute than horrifying when you add a red bow to the shark’s head. E.T. was always precious, but he gets the extra adorable Sanrio treatment as he and Kitty bicycle off into the moonlight. And Hello Kitty starring in Back to the Future? I’m all in. I wonder if Badtz-Maru would star as Doc Brown?

Don’t worry, your other favorite Sanrio characters aren’t left out; favorite friends My Melody and Kerropi also make an appearance in a who-knew-we-needed-it charming reboot of Jurassic Park. These new items are only available exclusively inside the Animation Studio Store. With many more designs set to be released in the future, I’m crossing my fingers for a Hello Kitty Harry Potter crossover. Which house would she be sorted into? The cutest one of course.

See all the new Hello Kitty crossover products for yourself at the new 6,000 square foot Animation Studio Store open now at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Which Hello Kitty and Universal mash-up is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or tweet your faves to @nerdist and @justjenn on Twitter!

Images: Sanrio, Jenn Fujikawa

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