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HELLO KITTY Cosplayed Bride of Frankenstein for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

It’s been a banner year for everyone’s favorite mouthless female feline, as Hello Kitty has appeared on the big screen twice (in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Ready Player One), and opened a new souvenir store at Universal Studios Hollywood. This was her first Halloween Horror Nights in the Hollywood park since becoming a regular part of the attraction, however, and she went all out, possibly surprising the more hardcore gorehounds who show up opening night expecting to be terrified. Thanks to Miss Kitty, they also got a hearty does of cuteness.

The Bride of Frankenstein always was one of the more subversive Universal monster movies, with director James Whale inserting as much subtext and camp as he could get away with, so it makes sense to have it be subverted again. And Hello Kitty, despite her adorable facade, is no stranger to spooky costumes herself.

If she can pull this off, though, there’s no excuse for not having some of the other animated costumed characters in the park do the same. The Simpsons, for example, should go full Treehouse of Horror. Optimus Prime should dress up as Optimus Primal. And at least one of the Minions should be Igor.

On the other hand, maybe a thoroughly squee-inducing Sanrio maze where everything is a happy cartoon would be just what it takes to genuinely chill the spines of horror-hounds. To fans who come looking to stare slime-drooling monsters in the face, a hug from Hello Kitty could be the most unsettling thing of all.

What do you think of Hello Kitty’s costume? What should she wear next year? Let us know in comments.

Images: Bryan Goldsworthy (NBCUniversal)

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