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Heathrow Airport Celebrates May the 4th with Flights to STAR WARS Planets

If you’re celebrating Star Wars Day by traveling to your favorite planet in the galaxy far, far away, make sure you check the status of your flight before heading out. While all flights to Tatooine and Endor are on time, anyone heading out to Kamino and Hoth are going to face delays due to bad weather. But don’t worry, because no matter where you are going, London’s Heathrow Airport has you covered, with one of today’s best Star Wars tributes.

The “Departures” board at Heathrow has a full slate of intergalactic travel throughout the galaxy, with flight names and information that will warm the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere. But while most of the details of this gag are amazing—like how all crossbows have to be checked before boarding flight WOOK1E to Kashyyyk, and that trip to the Death Star might be a trap—somehow it still feels too soon for that canceled Alderaan announcement.

What are the odds the trip to Kessel will really be that quick? Sounds like a huge exaggeration. Classic case of over promising/under delivering.

That fantastic board is not the only fun the airport is having today. They’ve also been tweeting out photos of some incoming ships and passengers.

You know you’ve celebrated Star Wars Day right when you make us upset we can’t go spend time hanging out an airport waiting for a bunch of flights that will never actually take off.

Which planet in the galaxy far, far would you most like to travel to? Send off your ideas in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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