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Hear Real Bands Tackle Fake Songs From THE WEDDING SINGER, ALMOST FAMOUS And More!

For anyone who ever wished a real band would cover fake songs by imaginary TV and movie characters, have we got the compilation for you!

On April 25, Father/Daughter Records will release the second volume of Faux Real, a collection of would-be hits from the big and small screen as covered by actual bands of, like, today’s music scene.

In our humble opinion, highlights definitely include Rivergazer’s version of “Fever Dog,” originally performed by the band Stillwater in Almost Famous, and Running In The Fog’s stab at “Killer Tofu,” which SNICK (Saturday Night Nickelodeon) fans remember from the cartoon Doug.

Oh, and who could ignore LVL UP’s cover of “Somebody Kill Me Please,” the beloved woe-is-me ode from The Wedding Singer.

In case you can’t remember how the original goes, allow Adam Sandler‘s jheri curl to jog your memory.

Still hungry for more hits? Check out the other bands — and songs — featured on Faux Real II.



1. Chumped – “Threshold” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
2. Krill – “Billy Madison Victory Song” (Billy Madison)
3. Quarterbacks – “You Painted My World” (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)
4. Running In The Fog – “Killer Tofu” (Doug)
5. Allison Crutchfield (of Swearin’) – “Special To Me (Phoenix Audition Song)” (Phantom of the Paradise)
6. LVL UP – “Somebody Kill Me Please” (The Wedding Singer)
7. Sharpless – “Franz Kafka” (Home Movies)
8. Rivergazer – “Fever Dog” (Almost Famous)
9. Paint Sepsi – “I Must Be In Love” (The Rutles)
10. 1Small Wonder – “Margerine” (The Simpsons)

Like we mentioned earlier, the album will be released on April 28 both digitally and on vinyl. The 12-inch LP is limited to 500 copies and comes with a free digital download, too.

For more information, check out the label’s site.

[H/T:, Father/Daughter Records]

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