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HBO Reportedly Courting Vince Vaughn For TRUE DETECTIVE Season Two

The world of True Detective casting rumors is a tumultuous place, and one we are no stranger to ourselves. Over the last few months, we’ve heard everything from the series featuring a primarily female cast to four main leads and a story set in California, genders unknown. Most recently, word was that HBO was eyeing Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch for roles in the new season and now, thanks to TV Line, another name has been added to the list: Vince Vaughn.

According to the outlet, the usually comedic actor is currently in preliminary talks to take on one of the lead roles in the drama. While it might seem odd for Vaughn to take a part in a TV drama as dark and heavy as True Detective, if the role is for a character that has a tinge of villainous crazy to him, then it’s completely within the actor’s wheelhouse.

One of the big reasons why we probably haven’t heard anything on the casting front officially from HBO probably has a lot to do with the series recent Emmy nominations. Odds are HBO hasn’t signed a single deal yet in hopes of being able to sell bigger name actors on the drama being an “Emmy award-winning series.” If they have that accolade, not only will locking down high profile actors become much easier, it will put negotiating power in the network’s hands. If we’re going to hear about True Detective casting confirmations soon, it will mostly likely happen after the Emmy ceremony later this month.

What do you think about True Detective possibly courting Vince Vaughn? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. donovan says:

    Nooooooooo! The makers should save the experementing for the third season. Get some respected actors for the second one. Just for the sake of being on par with the first season. Names like Vaughn or Kitsch, compared to season 1, let the show sound like a Direct-2-DVD sequel. I really hope they will get top notch actors like before….

  2. Seattle_R says:

    He could play good or bad. It doesnt matter, he could make anything sinister (and appropriately funny if need be).