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Hayley Williams Duets With Joy Williams On Paramore’s Self-Titled 2013 Re-Release

To celebrate the November 24 re-release of the band’s 2013 self-titled album, Paramore released a revamped version of the ballad “Hate To See Your Heart Break,” which features Hayley Williams trading verses with former Civil Wars frontwoman Joy Williams.

In the official clip, the unrelated Williams women sit alongside each other at the Village Recorder studio in Santa Monica, California, bonding over coffee and singing their parts in a room dripping with candles. C’est très romantique.

What’s even better is to know the duet is more than a decade in the making. When Hayley was an adolescent, she first met Williams, who was an up-and-coming artist in the Christian rock scene. The two instantly bonded and it’s been platonic love ever since.

In the wake of The Civil Wars’ demise, it’s great to see Joy behind the mic again. Word has it she’s currently working on solo material.

The deluxe version of Paramore features the following:

– A new version of “Hate To See Your Heart Break” with Civil Wars’ Joy Williams
– 2 bonus tracks, including “Escape Route” and “Native Tongue”
– 1 previously recorded demo, “Tell Me It’s Okay”
– 8 live songs recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Set list includes: “Still Into You,” “Decode,” “The Only Exception,” “Brick By Boring Brick,” “Let The Flames Begin,” “Part II,” “Proof” and “Ain’t It Fun”


As we mentioned last week, Paramore’s Hayley Williams will accept the inaugural Billboard Trailblazer Honor next month at their Women In Music Awards and we’re totally stoked about the esteemed distinction.

Not content to have the self-titled re-release as the only piece of Paramore you take away this holiday season? Then check out the band’s virtual yard sale happening over at eBay right now.

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  1. Acy says:

    It’s a fantastic track.  What’s the harm in exposing people to some music? What music falls under “nerd culture”??

  2. Jessica says:

    You are a terrible reviewer. I don’t even know how you landed the gig. You should be dethroned. How does this even relate to nerd culture?

  3. Joe says:

    Leslie Simon…please…stop.