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Have Jokes, Will Travel in I AM ROAD COMIC Trailer

Many podcasts, such as WTF with Marc Maron and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, have exposed the general public to the inner psyches of being a comedian. Over the last few years, people have been fascinated more than ever about what drives comedians to do what they do and, more importantly, how they pull it off. Director and comedian Jordan Brady explored these inquiries 4 years ago in his documentary film I Am Comic. Now, Brady is back in 2014 with a follow-up to I Am Comic that studies the nature of performing comedy “on the road.”

This documentary sequel is aptly named I Am Road Comic.

As you probably know, performing comedy for a living is often described as a “grind”. One can lose sense of time and place very easily just from the constant travel to weird locales. On top of that, there are often “hell gigs” where comedians perform in situations that are the opposite of ideal and, sometimes, they’re only glad that they’re got out of said “hell gig” alive. Brady will likely delve into these facets and more in I Am Road Comic. There will be plenty of talking head interviews as well as clips following comedians through this grind from airport terminals to less than desirable hotel rooms to comedy clubs all the way back to the airport.

Like I Am Comic, Brady’s gathered a robust list of comedians as his subjects for I Am Road Comic including:
Maria Bamford
W. Kamau Bell
Alonzo Bodden
Doug Benson
Wayne Federman
Judah Friedlander
Nikki Glaser
Pete Holmes
Kyle Kinane
Jen Kirkman
Marc Maron
Brian McKim
T.J. Miller
Seth Milstein
Jim Norton
Tim O’Rourke
Oni Perez
Tom Rhodes
Traci Skene
Auggie Smith
Kris Tinkle
Alysia Wood

A premiere date has yet to be announced for I Am Road Comic, but you can dig into the trailer and get a good idea of how much time comedians spend in crowded and/or cramped spaces.

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  1. Jordan Brady says:

    June 24th – Cinefamily.  West Coast Premiere!!

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