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Hasbro Unveils New STAR WARS, Transformers, and Marvel at Toy Fair

First, the good news for anyone who’s been having a hard time finding the heroes of The Force Awakens in toy form: as seen above, Hasbro will be releasing a three-pack (technically four characters, but two of them are half-sized) allowing you to get 3-3/4″ Rey, Finn, and BB-8 all in one place alongside the first-ever Maz Kanata toy.

The other major reveals were first-looks at the Black Series 6-inch scale Sabine Wren, Original Trilogy Snowtrooper, and Darth Revan.


Ep V Snowtrooper

Darth Revan - Fan Vote Winner

And if remote-controlled BB-8s are all too rich for your blood, there’ll be a ripcord-powered one too:

Rip _N Go BB-8

That’s not a lot–but that’s because there’s Rogue One stuff they’re not going to reveal yet.

Transformers showed off the new Fortress Maximus, whom you’ll have to make a lot of room for…

Maximus Base Angle Maximus Big Bot Maximus City

On the Marvel side, we’re getting the first fully articulated 12-inch Marvel Legend we’ve seen in a while — a comic-based Spider-Man with multiple heads and hands.


Marvel Legends in 6-inch scale will include a Spider-man wave that includes, Silk, Hobgoblin, and multiple Spideys…

Spider-Man 6 inch - Silk

…a Dr. Strange wave including Iron Fist, Nico, and the Dormammu that came in last summer’s Comic-Con exclusive set…


…a Captain America wave that will include movie versions of Scarlet Witch (finally!), Black Panther, Cap, Falcon, and Iron Man, along with comic versions of Cap, Red Guardian, Nuke, and vintage caucasian Nick Fury…

Captain America 6 Inch wave 2 - Nuke

Civil War 6 Inch Legend Black Panther

Civil War 6 Inch Scarlet Witch

…and an X-Men wave with Deadpool, Cable, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix,Rogue, Havok, and Iceman. (Due to Marvel and Fox not fully getting along, it is a comic Deadpool and not a movie version, but close enough, and certainly Liefeld-pouchy.)



Hasbro didn’t include official descriptions as of this writing, but we recommend ToyArk’s comprehensive gallery from Toy Fair if you want to see absolutely everything.

See anything here you like? What will you be on the lookout for when these all hit stores? Tell us your faves below.

Images: Hasbro Media Portal

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