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Has Mads Mikkelsen’s DOCTOR STRANGE Villain Been Revealed?

When the superlative Mads Mikkelsen was cast in Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie, fans immediately guessed that the former star of NBC’s Hannibal would play the film’s leading villain. With the role of Baron Mordo already taken by Chiwetel Ejiofor, the early speculation had Mikkelsen as one of Doctor Strange’s other adversaries: Nightmare, the evil ruler of the Dream Dimension, and the Dread Dormammu, the tyrant of the Dark Dimension. But it appears that just about no one correctly guessed who Mikkelsen will portray in the film.

According to a report on Heroic Hollywood, Marvel may have inadvertently spoiled the identity of Mikkelsen’s character in the description of Diamond Select’s Marvel Minimates.

Doctor Strange Marvel Minimates

The Marvel Minimates lists Mikkelsen’s character as Kaecilius. Even hardcore comic book fans would be hard pressed to identify this esoteric baddie. The reason for that is because he hasn’t appeared in the Marvel Universe since 1982. Kaecilius actually dates back to the earliest Doctor Strange comics when he was a disciple of Baron Mordo. So, he does have an established history, but he is a very obscure adversary and an odd choice for the very first Doctor Strange theatrical film.

Let’s put it this way: imagine if Loki had a sidekick who hadn’t appeared in 34 years who was suddenly the lead villain in a Thor movie without any buildup. That’s pretty much what happened here. Now, Mikkelsen is a great performer and we have no doubt that he can make Kaecilius into a genuine threat to Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Doctor Strange. We just feel that Mikkelsen deserved the chance to play a truly iconic comic book villain for his entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange will be released on November 4.

What do you think about the choice of Mikkelsen’s character in the Doctor Strange film? Cast your spells in the comment section below!

Watch below for a breakdown of the Doctor Strange trailer.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

Image: Diamond Select

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