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HARRY POTTER vs. STAR WARS Pits Magic Against the Force

Uncle Owen may have called Obi-Wan Kenobi a wizard, but we all know the Force isn’t the same as magic. Jedi Knights from Star Wars aren’t like the wizards we know from Harry Potter, and you have to wonder what would happen if they faced off in a duel. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because YouTube user RackaRacka has filmed a battle between Harry Potter and a Jedi. Yes, it is as spectacular as it sounds.

The first 30 seconds of the video are a little slow, but if you can wait that long – I know you can do it – you’ll be treated to two friends fighting with a wand and a lightsaber and all the special effects that come with using such weapons. It’s surprisingly well done, and it’s making me wish Episode VII was actually a Star Wars-Harry Potter mash-up.

Do you think a Jedi could beat Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. MaraJade says:

    As entertaining as this vid is… a jedi wouldn’t even need to draw the lightsaber to fight or deflect spells. He could easily disarm the wizard and/or choke him to death with just a thought. Wizards need to channel their magic through a wand and spells have to hit their target,  which is a huge drawback compared to just using the force.  A jedi could potentially hide behind a pillar or anything physical and work his jedi powers on the wizard, who would be powerless to do anything bc their spell has to hit their target physically for it to work. 

  2. james says:

    very well done…., Harry is always naive

  3. Desolo4923 says:

    Ron Weasly would have won easily. Pretty sure a deluminator would work on a LIGHTsaber

  4. Rachel says:

    Hands down the funniest part: is when bystander kid yells “Gandalf!” at the end! Fun video.

  5. Bill Prince says:

    Too bad the Wizard guy didn’t have any Horcrux’s stashed, he would have survived.
    He also should have used a few unforgivable curses on the Jedi, might have evened the odds.
    Great Video though!

  6. This is hilarious……the video actually shows the practical use of star wars movie lightsaber and other movie props from Harry Potter LOL.
    Now I can have my own lightsaber and implement it … just searching some of them for sale.

  7. Jeremy says:

    This was awesome… though I really believe that the lightsaber would be an easy target for a wizard. They’d easily bewitch it.

  8. KatOfDiamonds says:

    I don’t think most spells are tangible enough for a light saber to cut through… Either way, excellent fan vid.

  9. Illusion-XIII says:

    Great video. There truly was never any contest though. Jedi power comes directly from the mind and their connection with the universe around them. Wizard magic relies on a wand (only the most experienced, powerful, Dumbledore-level wizards can cast without one, and even then there are limitations) and verbal incantations. The video played pretty loose on the latter: Potter should have needed to get out the word “Expelliarmus” out to disarm the Jedi, and he seemed to be flinging around a lot of spells without needing to say the requisite words, but it’s forgivable in the interests of pacing and “balance”.
    In the end, all other things being equal, Force will beat out Magic. It’s more versatile, doesn’t rely on a prop to operate it, and the one weapon that uses it can cut through anything (including an enchanted sword. Sorry Godric Gryffindor).

    • MaraJade says:

      Only inexperienced wizards need to say the words out loud. Students at Hogwarts learn to do non verbal spells in their 6th yr. 

  10. DJ Kento says:

    This made me laugh really hard. Also May 4th is just around the corner!