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HARRY POTTER Stars Send J.K. ROWLING All the Best Wishes for Her Birthday

It’s an auspicious day for the Harry Potter-philes amongst us, and it feels good to know that our magic queen JK Rowling has the well wishes not only of us avid readers and dreamers but all the friends she’s made along the way. It would have been much more dramatic to send carefully trained and outfitted snowy owls to wing these wishes to Harry Potter’s creator, but the internet is almost as cool, right?

TIME took a moment to get in touch with 17 of the great actors who were in the Harry Potter movies and asked them for personalized birthday wishes for their friend. Here are a few of the best ones:

From Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton):

Dear Miss Rowling,
On the occasion of your birthday I trust you will be clothed in delicious pink garments surrounded by plates of purring kittens.
These wishes come by order of Dolores Umbridge

From Nymphadora Tonks (Natalia Tena):

So where the hell do I start? 50 years ago, a someone was born that has done what most of us dream of. She has made this little planet of ours a better, happier place and will leave a legacy that means that, that joy will continue to exponentially grow, generation by generation. I’m saying something everyone has said and will continue to write and say. Still it needs to be said and written.Let’s face it, we all want to live in her world, identify individually with the characters and the magic wielded there which seems to be like a fantastic extension of our tangible world.

She has made children turn back to the loving medium of books, feel the power of a page and fly behind the eyes of witches and wizards.

She has made me remember feeling young.

She deals with the ultimate anchor of our lives: death, and introduces it to children in a healthy, aware way that can propel them to find a concrete way of dealing with it.

She makes me laugh.

Thank you and I’ll be having pint of butter beer (JK, please tell us the recipe!) here’s to another 50 years (can’t believe you’re 50 by the way, you look HOT!)


From Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs):

To the woman whose imagination has made half the world feel less alone, afraid and in the dark; may the light you continue to shine always bounce back with interest. And at a flattering angle, naturally.

Jason x

There are another twelve felicitations for you to read through over on, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include the sweet wishes of the Gryffindor who knew right from wrong from the very beginning…and it doesn’t hurt that he grew up to be as appealing on the outside as the inside.

Matthew Lewis‘s note was just too lovely to not include:

I could talk about the millions of lives Jo has enriched whether through the stories and characters she’s created or through the millions of pounds she’s given to charity. She’s a remarkable woman. However, I would like to thank Jo for changing MY life. Without her imagination and her talent I would never have become the man I am today. That’s not even to mention her generosity and loyalty when it has come to supporting everything that I have done in the years since Harry Potter. She’s just a wonderful human being and I consider myself so privileged and honoured to call her a friend. Happy birthday, Jo.

We here at Nerdist also wish the decorated writer a happy 50th birthday, and thank her for sharing her incredible and inspiring creations with us all. Here’s hoping an owl will arrive for us someday soon.

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