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This HARRY POTTER Felix Felicis Recipe Fills Your Cup With Good Luck

Good fortune may seem like a random act but if you’re a wizard who aces potions class, there’s nothing like a little help from a magic elixir.

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, certain spells can change your opportunities, but if you really want to skew your fate, all you need is a little liquid luck. Felix Felicis is a magical potion that gives you the edge by filling our day with luckiest of chances.

A few sips will do you since it’s dangerous in large quantities. The potion is traditionally made with ashwinder egg, squill bulb, and more, but don’t worry, this version uses common Muggle ingredients to achieve the same empowering feeling. This libation is fruity and effervescent with just a touch of pure prestidigitation, sure to make your prosperity soar.

Harry Potter Felix Felicis

1 cup ginger ale, chilled
1/2 cup lemonade, chilled
Juice of half an orange
Gold food gel dye

In a glass stir together the ginger ale and lemonade.

Squeeze in the orange juice, and stir.

Pour the mixture into the bottles, then add a few drops of gold food gel dye.

Carefully shake to make the mixture shimmer, then serve.

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