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Diamond Select Launches DC Comics PVC Statue Line with HARLEY QUINN (Exclusive)

Diamond Select Toys has been making $45 PVC statues and dioramas for a few years now under the name “Gallery.” Those have included characters from DC Animated, the Justice League movie, and the Marvel Netflix TV shows, but not DC Comics. Until now. Their very first DC Comics-based offering in this line is here, it’s not mere, and it’s the lady whose neuroses are more than they appear: Harley Quinn!

Based on her most recent comic appearances and sculpted by Diamond regular Jean St. Jean, this Harley is made of high-quality PVC plastic with collectible-quality painted details and is approximately eight-inch scale. The sculpt sees her sitting atop a crate of dynamite along with her signature mallet and corset. She’d better hope the Joker isn’t a tickler, because for some of us, a loved one’s armpits thus exposed are targets of mirth just waiting to happen.

Uh, not that the Joker is better otherwise. He’s not. And she and everyone else should leave him.

Many more comic-based PVC dioramas are expected to follow, but kicking them off with the queen of quime is an auspicious way to go. Ready to bonk heads, dye dreads, and leave deads, Harley is as lovably bad-intentioned as they come. Where she gets blue dynamite, though, we have no idea. Presumably it’s the evil version of the store where Michael Jai White shops for weapons.

Is this Harley statue going to blow up your shelf? Or do you have a mad love for crazy clown ladies? Let us know in comments.

Images: Diamond Select Toys

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