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Happy 4th of July, Nerds!


Celebrate the birth of America and the stifling heat by eating Popsicles, drinking and setting things on fire. Even if you’re not in America, you should still do these things. Wooo!

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  1. Brian E. says:

    For Canada Day I slaked my thirst with a “Make Your Own Slushie” at Centennial Park in Toronto. It was perfection.

  2. joem18b says:

    popsicle-eating contest is now over at the 4th-of-july celebration:
    – winner ate 49 (the kind with two sticks). his duodenum was temporarily froze but he got to sit in a hot tub for that with the queen of the parade.
    – one guy was trying to melt them down and drink them. disqualified.
    – one guy swallowed a stick and was ambulanced.
    – one guy saw that he was losing and, bad sport, stuck a single cherry sicle up his butt.
    – the youngest contestent was 10 years old and complained on the first sicle of brain freeze.
    – a woman signed up but it was just to protest. she stuck the sicle into her cleavage and demanded that they all switch to moon pies.

  3. Nathaniel H. says:

    Days like today, I think about the sacrifices of our prehistoric predecessors to the American Dream and the American Dynasty. You know of whom I speak:

    More importantly, of six posts, why am I the first to mention this?

  4. Robert says:

    I started my morning by listening to the Nerdist podcast with Alison Haislip. As usual, great podcast! You guys do such a great job every week. As a gay comic book fan, I often feel nerdier-than-thou, but I sure love listening to you guys and I know you are each on the verge of even bigger success. You guys are real talents and great guys and deserve it!

  5. J-Rod says:

    I would like to deliver a ‘Happy Birthday’ from the Nerds of Great Britain to our Former Colonies.

    Whilst I would have preferred to be an Overlord of British America at least I can now travel through this USA of yours and use my ‘exotic’ and ‘sophisticated’ accent to entice the women of said States.

    “Hello. I don’t believe I’ve had the Pleasure?”

    “Oh Wow! Your accent is rilly rilly awesome. You sound like one of those Beatles or like from Montie Pie-thon! Oh My Gawd, That is so cute!”

    Thank You Jefferson, Hancock and all. No Tax without Representation!

  6. Staci says:

    I celebrate by hiding in my house while the drunken idiots blow up my neighborhood.

  7. Lokey says:

    And don’t forget to give thanks to those who had to die so that we might live a more convenient, comfortable existence….the American Dinosaurs.

  8. Patrick Rose says:

    I celebrated the old fashioned way. By singing a song!