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DOCTOR’S FINEST: Hannah Hart Interviews Ingrid Oliver About “The Day of the Doctor”

Over the weekend, BBC America’s The Doctor’s Finest screened an episode that I absolutely think IS the finest episode Doctor Who‘s ever done – “The Day of the Doctor,” the 50th Anniversary special from 2013. Having just watched it again myself, I think it’s the perfect mixture of everything that makes the show great, and it perfectly celebrated not only 50 years, but everybody who’d been watching Doctor Who since it came back in 2005 by spending a lot of time on the all-powerful Time War, the toll it took on both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, and what it would mean if that weren’t the case anymore. My heavens, it’s lovely. (Read my full thoughts about it here.)

Someone who made her Who debut in that episode was Ingrid Oliver, who played the asthmatic, scarf-enthused UNIT scientist Osgood, working alongside Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and co to stop the Zygon invasion. She was Doctor’s Finest host Hannah Hart‘s guest over the weekend and the pair of them dove in to all the juicy details of creating such an iconic (yes, I used that word) episode of a beloved and long-running series.

The above clip is an extension of that conversation, and it’s much more about what Doctor Who means to someone living in Britain. Now, I’m going to take Ms. Hart to task just briefly: at one point she says Doctor Who was on for 40 years and then was off the air and then brought back in 2005, which is of course in correct. That would insinuate it was only off the air for two years. It was actually on for 26 years, then off for about 16 years with only a TV movie and some non-canonical specials to tide people over. Aside from that, which I only correct because y’all would do it for me if I didn’t, it’s a great chat.

There’s only two more episodes of The Doctor’s Finest left now before the big Series 9 premiere on Saturday, September 19th, at 9 on BBC America. Next week, it’s Hannah and fellow YouTuber Charlie McDonnell talking about Matt Smith’s farewell, “The Time of the Doctor” airing at 8pm ET/PT. Be sure to check back on Saturday at 7pm ET for my thoughts on the episode!



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