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The Internet’s Best Han Solo Movie Title Reactions and Memes

After making us wait and wait and wait, Lucasfilm finally allowed director Ron Howard to reveal the name of the Young Han Solo standalone film. And what did we get after all that anticipation? A huge spoiler? Something epic? A title seeped in meaning that will touch the souls of longtime fans?


They’re calling it Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo. They made us wait for Solo. Who could have possibly predicted that title? Wait a second….I’m being told…..yes, yes, literally everyone predicted that. But that’s okay, because not only is it a perfectly logical, clean name for the movie, its simplicity also allowed the internet to have some fun with it. These are some of the best reactions and memes we saw around the web:

This is a great reminder to everyone that you should never hold a sign in a photo on the internet. That’s like throwing chum into a swimming pool full of hungry sharks. Although sometimes those sharks really know what they’re talking about.

And you better believe we got in on the fun too. How could we not after waiting so long for such an obvious title. (See if you can guess how much we love the new creatures in The Last Jedi. It’s subtle though.)

And we’re already looking ahead.

But for all of the great reactions we saw, it’s really going to be hard to top this one.

We would absolutely get that movie poster framed.

But did we miss any others? What were some of the best reactions you saw? Don’t go solo on this, share them with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Ron Howard/Lucasfilm

This isn’t the solo Star Wars story read more!

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