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Chewbacca Proves Han Shot First in STAR WARS

“Han shot first. Period.”

When we say that (and oh boy do we say that a lot) it doesn’t carry much weight, but that’s only because we’re simply giant Star Wars fans and not actually members of the cast and crew that made the original film. However, when you are the world’s most famous, giant fuzzball it does mean something—especially when you are using George Lucas‘ own script to prove him wrong.

Recently we told you about how Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, began tweeting out the pages from his original script from the first film, and today he got to the scene that has caused more anger from Star Wars fans than any other changes to the movie, the fatal one between Han Solo and Greedo.

Oh yeah! That’s right. There it is, on the page, Han clearly shooting first. In fact, there’s no indication Greedo (uh…Allen?) ever got a shot off period.

Here’s the specific text we are concerned with.

Han mentions “another killing in here,” and then the alien that we would come to know as Greedo tells him to get up, indicating he has no intention of shooting Han there at the cantina (and also that he has no idea Han has pulled his blaster out).

“Suddenly the slimy alien disappears in a blinding flash (emphasis mine) of light. Han pulls his smoking gun from beneath the table as other patrons look on in bemused amazement.”

Flash. Not flashes. There is clearly no second shot in the script, and if there is no second shot there is no debate over who shot first. Han fired the only shot in the scene, killing Greedo instantly.

Mayhew indicated he would have some sort of announcement when he began sharing the pages of the script. Whether this is it or not doesn’t matter, though: it’s just more proof for what everyone—besides the film’s director and writer—already knows.

And if George Lucas wants to continue this debate I would like to remind him of something: let the wookiee win.

Okay, even though we all agreed Han shot first anyway, does this finally put an end to this debate? Can we finally move on to an even bigger issue, like coming up with a plan to destroy all copies of Return of the Jedi that have young ghost Anakin at the end? Weigh in on all of the Star Wars controversies in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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