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It looks like we’ll be getting another season of delayed printer drivers and panicked programming when the AMC drama Halt and Catch Fire returns for a second season.

The Silicon Prarie-set series about the early days of persona computers might have struggled a little in the ratings (according to The AV Club, they were about on par with the slow, steady, but respectable ratings of early Mad Men), but the network appears willing to throw its weight behind another batch of episodes. Season two would debut next summer on AMC, alongside the second season of Revolutionary War drama Turn – this year’s other freshman series.

Season one of Halt and Catch Fire followed the fall and rise of Texas-based computer maker Cardiff Electric, as it attempted to develop, market, and manufacture an early portable PC (at a svelte 15 pounds, no less). While the entire cast delivered bang-up work (Lee Pace’s charismatic suit, Joe could be a little creepy and American Psycho-ish, at times), the series did feel like it was more concerned with period details and explosive moments between the characters rather than carrying through on any central theme or idea. Hopefully in its second year, the series will find its footing.

That’s not all, though. Variety is reporting that Showtime dramas Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex will both return for their third seasons. Both shows earned Emmy nominations this year, probably making it all that much easier for the network to give the greenlight to more episodes.

Also, on a really sincere note: remember when Liev Schreiber was Sabertooth? Because he was kinda dope and I wish they could bring him back to the X-Movies.

Both Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan will begin production on their new seasons in 2015.

[Sources: The AV Club, Variety]

Image: AMC

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  1. This is great! I’m so addicted to the show. I’ll make it a commitment to ensure their decision was worthwhile. I’ll buy the DVD’s. I’ll buy the HACF swag. I’ll get the word out to all my co-workers in the Clifton Park IT Department! Awesome!