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Halloween Party Playlist Essentials, Vol. 2: 10 More Spooky Jams

Two years ago our own Becca Gleason gave you thirteen spooky jams to take your Halloween playlist from hellish to hellraisingly fun. But, let’s be honest, it’s been two years, so we’re overdue for a new creepy crop of killer tunes from beyond the pale. Now that the season of frights is upon us, I give you ten more party starters for your Halloween party playlist that will raise the dead and the roof.

The Ventures – “Twilight Zone” 

Nothing like the classic one-two-three-four of The Twilight Zone reimagined by ’60s surf rock kings The Ventures to simultaneously get your guests in a swinging kind of mood and also creep them out a little.

Groovie Ghoulies – “Zombie Crush”

Not sure what to tell that babe in the Bride of Frankenstein ensemble sitting in the corner? Just play this delicious bit of ’90s pop punk and she’ll start to swoon. Also recommended: the entire album, or really anything by the Groovie Ghoulies. Their whole schtick was adorably catchy monster and sci-fi themed jams.

Stephanie Mabey – “The Zombie Song”

For those who are slightly more inclined toward pop music, there’s still a zombie love song for you. This heartfelt ditty comes again from the perspective of a zombie, who boasts that “our love is deeper than Edward and Bella’s.” Depending on where you fall on the Twilight fan spectrum, that’s either saying a lot or nothing at all.

Iron Maiden – “Fear of the Dark”


Not a fan of girl-driven pop to give you that sense of creeping dread? Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark” captures the darker side of Halloween spookiness. You can never go wrong with Maiden, but the lyrics to this ballad are especially creepy: “Sometimes when you’re scared to take a look/At the corner of the room/You’ve sensed that something’s watching you.” Except at your party, it’ll be the cute guy in the Leatherface mask. At least we hope he’s cute.

The Misfits – “Halloween”


Attaboy Skip – “Ghostbusters Theme”

Okay, time for a change of pace. Ray Parker Jr.’s Billboard-topping Ghostbusters theme was mentioned on the last Halloween playlist, but this energizing ska cover is the jam to really get your party going. We ain’t afraid of no pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

Danny Elfman x Kamei – “Beetlejuice Theme Edit”

Unleash the madness with Kamei’s Halloween-tastic edit of what is understood to be one of the most fun and insane Halloween theme songs out there. This is the one to get weird to.

Figure – “Munsters Halloween Edit”

Continuing the spooky dance tunes is Figure’s remix of the classic Munsters theme. Does anyone else feel like they’re in a really hip spy movie when they listen to this?

Harry Manfredini x Beats Antique – “Friday the 13th”

How could such a scary song be also really kind of sexy and make us want to dance? Thanks, Beats Antique.

The Cranberries – “Zombie”

Whether it’s Halloween season or not, everyone loves this song. Play it near the end of your party so you can hear all the your drunk friends yell “Zombie, zombie, zom-bbiiieeeeeeeee!” Then, you’ll just need a bone-chilling remix of “Don’t Stop Believin'” to let them know the party is well and truly over.

So there you have it – there are definitely more great Halloween jams out there, but these are the essentials. What’s on your Halloween playlist? Let us know by leaving a quemment below or telling me on Twitter!

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  2. Halloween Dubstep says:

    30 Minute Halloween Dubstep Mix 2013!

  3. michaelalexkawa says:

    I have to say I really liked Stephanie Mabey – “The Zombie Song” ,thank you for sharing it .

  4. CJ says:

    fuck me! not one mention of Ministry’s “Everyday is Halloween”?

  5. Makarim says:

    One of my favorite songs about zombies is Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton. It is just genius.

  6. Krowface says:

    I have a pretty good mix of horror punk and scary music on my Spotify:

    But when I’m feeling sassy I also have a 24/7 live Halloween music broadcast going on for the entire month of October-

  7. Carrie says:

    Zombie by Family Force Five, along with another song called Chainsaw. Tired the Chainsaw dance at two weddings so far.