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Guster’s Album Cover Was Made With A Magnetized Liquid Called Ferrofluid

Today, Guster released the album art for their upcoming seventh studio album called Evermotion, which is slated for release January 13, 2015. Alongside the cover, the alt-pop outfit also uploaded a video of how the image was made. The result is not only super mesmerizing, but unbelievably cool.

The piece was designed by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, who singer/guitarist discovered while cruising through Reddit. While Oefner works with a variety of mediums, this particular piece was made using a material called “ferrofluid,” which is basically a magnetized liquid.

Oefner offers a vastly more detailed description of “ferrofluid” on his site, saying:

“This liquid has a very unique property. It is magnetic, caused by the millions nano iron particles in it. When put under a magnetic field, the particles in the solution start to rearrange due to the attraction and repulsion of iron. If new water colors are added to the ferrofluid, the pop-art looking structures start to appear, forming into black channels and tiny ponds filled with rainbow colored surfaces. The reason why the black ferrofluid and the water colors don’t mix is that ferrofluid is, just like oil, hydrophobic. It therefore doesn’t mix with the water colors. At the same time it is held in position by the magnet underneath it. So it tries to find a way around the water colors and therefore forms these black channels.”

Science! Wanna see this weirdly fluid, hydrophobic stuff in action? Check it out in the video below, which features the song “Farewell,” off the band’s new LP.

Still can’t get enough Guster? That’s good because the band is currently streaming four new songs. Take a listen and tell us how you think they hold up next to classics like “Careful” and “Do You Love Me?

Guster’s upcoming album, Evermotion, is available for pre-order. To find out when (and where) the band will be touring in 2015, check out their site or follow them @Guster.


Image: Guster

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