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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Soundtrack is Now Getting Released on Cassette Tape

With Guardians of the Galaxy grossing more than $730 million worldwide, it’s clear that quite a few of you out there came and got your love. Although we came for Chris Pratt’s rippling abs, the exceedingly charismatic cast, the novelty of a machine gun-toting raccoon riding a giant tree, and interstellar action, we stayed for the incredible soundtrack, which curated some of the catchiest tunes of the 1970s into one delightful throwback mixtape. Now, you can experience the aural odyssey of the Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 just like Star-Lord did: in cassette tape form!

According to Billboard, the soundtrack, which is already available on vinyl and CD, will be available as a cassette tape as well on November 17. This is great news for people looking to buy gifts for their comic book-loving friends who also happen to own really shitty cars. In all seriousness, it’s a nice homage to the James Gunn-directed film that will make a marvelous companion piece to your officially licensed Baby Dancing Groot toy this holiday season. Seeing as you have just under a month until this mixtape drops, you’d better start scouring the web for a vintage Walkman if you want to get the full effect. Note: Infinity Stone sold separately.

Will you be picking up Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 on cassette? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter!

Want to know what would be on Benicio del Toro’s Awesome Mix? Well, we asked him and boy, oh boy, did he ever answer.

[HT: EW]

Image: Disney/Marvel

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  1. Fartbooty says:

    2 words Ooga Chaka!

  2. Kids these days: “What’s a cassette?”

  3. jaymond says:

    As an owner of two 1990s model cars, absolutely 

  4. candidastamp says:

    I was just saying this morning that I wished they still made cassette tapes so I could get the awesome mix and listen to it on my Walkman. 

  5. Misha says:

    where can i find the cassette?

  6. Cool007Monkey says:

    Yes, because my 67 mustang has a radio with a cassette player in it

  7. Cool007Monkey says:

    Yes because my 67 mustang has a radio with a cassette player

  8. Paradiddledoo says:

    Fortunately for me my record player also has a tape deck! I think the novelty of it and the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that has just washed over me is definitely making me feel inclined to purchase Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 on cassette. 

  9. Ricky Shade says:

    Aw damn. I just bought a 94 Camry with stock radio. But I’m about to replace it with a bluetooth headunit that won’t even play CDs. Go fig.