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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19 Preview: The Fate of Nova Revealed!

Remember that time the Guardians of the Galaxy had to team up with Thanos to take down the Cancerverse? That all happened in The Thanos Imperative, pitting our universe against one where Death never existed, and alternate versions of the Earth-616 heroes (united as “The Revengers”) were set on spreading their mutated form of life.

By the time the dust settled and the Lovecraft-inspired horrors from that universe infected ours, two Guardians and one mad Titan were lost to the Cancerverse. That was a weird, big capper to the 2010 event, which saw Star-Lord and Nova taken off the board briefly alongside Thanos. And when Star-Lord was able to return to the team recently, one question remained: what happened to Richard Rider?

This month’s issue Original Sin tie-in issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, #25, promises to answer that question, which is apparently some kind of dark and horrible secret for both Star-Lord and Thanos.

Marvel sent out a preview of the issue from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ed McGuinness. Apparently, Star-Lord and Nova’s stay in the Cancerverse wasn’t all that great, according to the solicitation, and it’s Gamora who’s bent on finding out what happened to her teammate and ex. From the sound of it, Star-Lord may have had to make some kind of devil’s bargain with Thanos to get out alive, and it might not go over well with Gamora.

You can find the unlettered preview and solicitation text below.

This September, the truth behind Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos’ disappearance continues in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19 – a tie-in to Original Sin! New York Times-bestselling creators Brian Michael Bendis and Ed McGuinness bring you the answers fans have been craving –what happened to Richard Rider?! Trapped in a nightmare universe, Star-Lord and Nova fought valiantly against the might of Thanos. Peter Quill and Thanos mysteriously returned without explanation – Nova did not. The true story of their hellish imprisonment has never been told – until today! Gamora demands answers, and she won’t stop until she finds out what happened in the Cancerverse! What pact did Star-Lord make with Thanos to escape such imprisonment? Where is Nova? Find out when the story that has the whole comic industry talking continues in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19!


Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

On-Sale – 09/24/14

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