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Gritty Plays in the Snow to the Tune of “What’s This?” from NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS

UPDATE, 11/15/18 – We may not know what Gritty is or where it comes from, but we know it has taken quite a liking to our customs here in the human realm of Earth. Among the varied manifestations of merrymaking that seem to have appealed to Gritty are those tethered to the Christmas season. The Philadelphia Flyers mascot has really gotten into the holiday spirit, both by dressing up as Santa (as you can see below) and by frolicking in its first ever snowfall (which it knows only as “zamboni dust.”)

Leave it to the internet to up the ante on kookery—a few folks have taken to Twitter with edits of the scene set to music. First, a familiar tune by Carly Rae.

And perhaps even more fittingly, “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And perhaps more will find us soon! It’s the most Grittiful time of the year.

11/12/18 – Mascots are inherently weird, but few are as overtly weird as the Philadelphia Flyers’ orange… thing, Gritty, whose introduction brought us and the internet so much joy at the start of the NHL season. Now that we are kicking off the holiday season it’s only fitting that it (apparently, Gritty goes by “it”) is finding new ways to spread cheer. Meet Gritty Claus, a strange Santa who will make you scream in terror when it comes down your chimney.

Philadelphia sports fans might be the only ones including Flyers tickets in their letters to Santa, but watching Gritty fight wrapping paper and try to jam it into a novelty mailbox is a gift for all of us. (And thanks to Philly Magazine for showing it to us.) Although, based on how absurd Saint Grittylas is acting in the arena, we might even try to make it to a game over the next two months to see it in action.

You know how lots of little kids scream in terror when they get their picture taken with a mall Santa? If the NHL doesn’t force the Flyers to set up a Gritty Claus photo booth so parents can take their children to see it, the entire league deserves coal in their stockings. Imagine the images of sheer terror we will get with this wonderful monstrosity holding a bunch of toddlers.

But hey, Gritty Claus does bring presents!

Aww, isn’t that sweet. And horrifying.

Just think, some people don’t even believe in Gritty Claus…probably because they’re afraid to.

Would you have been terrified of Gritty when you were a kid? Tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: NHL

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