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Grimes’ “Kill V. Maim” Video is MAD MAX Meets Cyberpunk

Grimes has released her latest music video from Art Angelsand it is a collage of the absurd.

“Kill V.  Maim” joins “Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream” as the next visual journey from the album by the luminous Claire Boucher.

First, let’s talk about the major squad goals we got from the first few seconds as Grimes glides through the streets with her tribe in a neon pink car:


The overall atmosphere of this vibrant music video, created by Claire and her brother Mac Boucher, mimics a sort of Akira/Tank Girl/Mad Max/Fifth Element/Blade world with a glamorous above-ground setting and abrasive sub-world layer, complete with a savage blood rave. And naturally we’re all on board for the entire wacky futuristic universe created here!

As seen in the ethereal fantasy music video for “Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream,” characters of the motley variety are plentiful. Grimes goes full-speed on at least three different edgy personas. Are they the same art angel creatures created for the previous installment? The title card labeling “Kill V. Maim” Act III hints at some continuity here.

With Art Angels, Grimes is set on proving to the world that her brand of spunky experimental pop-punk music isn’t faint or trite. She’s introducing musical–and now visual–elements in “Kill V. Maim” which can be traced back to a countless list of creative sources–she cleverly pulls inspiration from across the board.

We’re definitely looking forward to the next visual installment from Art Angels. For now, we’re watching “Kill V. Maim” on repeat.

What are your thoughts on this out of control music video? Let us know below!

HT & Gif: Grimes Official YouTube

IMAGE: Grimes’ Instagram; NYLON Singapore

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