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Greg Proops, Sharlto Copley, Tom Papa (Finally!): Upcoming Podcasts

What do you want? PODCASTS!

When do you want them? NOW!

Well, calm down. We will have a LOT of podcasts for you this week at the Nerdist Podcast Network, good — no, GREAT podcasts. Like these (subject to scheduling changes and force majeure, of course), but all in good time, so:

He’s a comedian, he’s the Smartest Man in the World, and he’s this week’s guest on
The Jonah Keri Podcast: Greg Proops, obviously. I can confirm that he will talk about the Giants and Warriors, but you could have guessed that yourself. But he also riffs on the road comic’s life, drugs, and politics, in his inimitable and hilarious manner.

Chris will be talking to Sharlto Copley on the Nerdist Podcast, and you’ll find out about how District 9 came to be, his new flick Hardcore Henry, stunts, taking risks and learning from failure, and some more films he has on the way.

We have promised you Tom Papa on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes for the last two weeks, and this week we WILL deliver. Seriously. This will happen. Tom Papa on You Made It Weird. Bank on it. (Memo to Katie and Pete: This IS going to happen this week, right?)

Justin Adler‘s resumé includes everything from being a P.A. on The Larry Sanders Show (please, a moment of silence for the brilliant Garry Shandling) to creating the CBS sitcom Life In Pieces, with the sorely missed Better Off Ted among his other stops; he’ll be on The Writers Panel to talk all about it.

Multi-hyphenate… okay, we’ll spell it out, Kent Osborne is a writer-actor-producer-artist whose work you’d know — Adventure Time, anyone? Or Spongebob, Flapjack, Regular Show. He’ll be Alexi’s guest on Love, Alexi this week.

And much more, including new episodes of most of your favorites. You’ll find them at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. See you there.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
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