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During the Silver Age of comics, DC introduced test pilot Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern, after he was selected in-universe for his willpower and his ability to overcome fear. As much as we enjoy Jordan’s modern adventures, his origin still has a very 1950s feel. But that’s about to change in the upcoming Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel.

IGN has revealed that the husband-and-wife creative team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko are rebooting Hal Jordan’s origin in the stand alone Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1, which will also feature art by Hardman and colors by Jordan Boyd. The Earth One graphic novels exist outside of DC’s regular continuity, which allows the creators to have greater freedom to re-imagine them. Given Hardman’s experience as a storyboard artist on Interstellar, it seems appropriate that he and Bechko have given Jordan a new origin as an astronaut and a scientist working for Ferris Galactic.

Green Lantern Earth One cover

Another major change is that Jordan will learn that the Green Lantern Corps was eliminated by the murderous androids known as the Manhunters. Jordan’s new mission will be to reestablish the Corps, which may prove to be more difficult than he imagined.

“Approaching this as an Earth One story gives us the opportunity to go back to the core concept of Green Lantern and interpret it through the lens of a modern, grounded sci-fi story while still being true to the Silver Age roots of Hal Jordan,” explained Hardman. “Having storyboarded Interstellar, this is an approach I’m comfortable with and have wanted to explore in comics. Realistic sci-fi is only the beginning of this story; we have something much more epic in store.”

Given that the last Green Lantern film failed to catch on, this new take on Jordan could be very useful for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie. That film probably won’t reuse the idea about the decimated Corps, but it sounds like a way to give Jordan a much better setup for his intergalactic adventures.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 will be published on March 20, 2018.

Are you excited by the new take on Green Lantern? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: DC Comics

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