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Great Cynics Bring the ’90s with “Want You Around (Chunky)” (Premiere)

There’s always room for more no-frills, straightforward rock. Forget all the autotuned, costumed pop stars and put on something real. It was this mentality that gave birth to the grunge scene of the Pacific Northwest and it’s the spirit that clearly drives Great Cynics. There’s a raw honesty in their sound, a sense that they are leaving it all on the table. One only has to listen to the song “Want You Around (Chunky)” from their upcoming album I Feel Weird to know this. Energetic, melodic, and unfiltered, the song is the best ’90s alternative song that didn’t come out in the ’90s.

There’s a lot going on in this seemingly simple rock track. From the only slightly distorted guitar that hides nothing (one would swear that thing is being pumped through an Orange amplifier), to the ragged vocals that line up in harmony but still crack with authenticity, “Want You Around (Chunky)” is not overly polished or slick. It’s beauty lies in its rough edges and unfiltered truthfulness. It’s also catchy as all hell, so good luck getting this thing out of your head any time soon.

Like the song it represents, the video is raw and chaotic, something that embraces an older time. For those of us who grew up seeing videos for bands on VHS copies of skate and surf compilations, this thing strikes a chord. It’s the kind of video you could film with a couple of buddies in an afternoon, which appears to be exactly the point. Just like they do with their music, Great Cynics are not hiding behind anything. This is them, and when you are this good, that’s all you need.

In support of their new album I Feel Weird, the band is hitting the road in a month long European tour. Check out the dates below and pre-order yourself a copy of the album here.

Tour Dates

03/17 – Nottingham, UK – Rough Trade
03/18 – Norwich, UK – The Owl Sanctuary
03/20 – Edinburgh, UK – Banshee Labyrinth
03/21 – Dundee, UK – Conroy’s Basement
03/22 – Glasgow, UK – Audio
03/23 – Manchester, UK – Gullivers
03/25 – Leeds, UK – Santiago’s
03/26 – Belfast, Ireland – Empire Music Hall
03/27 – Dublin, Ireland – Whelan’s
03/30 – Exeter, UK – Club Cavern
03/31 – Cardiff, UK – Club For Bach
04/01 – Southampton, UK – Southhampton Secret Show
04/02 – London, UK – The Victoria
04/03 – Zoersel, Belgium – JH JoeNiz
04/04 – Darmstadt, Germany – Oetinger Villa
04/05 – Munster, Germany – Cafe Lorenz
04/06 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopea
04/07 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Winston Kingdom
04/08 – Koln, Germany – PRIVAT
04/09 – Paris, France – TBD
04/10 – Brighton, UK – Green Door Store
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