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Hey guys, remember that guy who modded his 360 copy of Grand Theft Auto V to play the game in first-person? Well, it looks like Rockstar Games decided to add this feature into their remaster of the epic open-world title, granting the wishes of at least a decade’s worth of gamers. Are you foaming at the mouth with excitement yet? We are.

Join Malik Forte on today’s show (Jessica Chobot accidentally packed herself into one of our moving boxes, we haven’t figured out which one yet), as he breaks down the highlights of today’s GTA V FPS trailer, examines the potential pitfalls, and discusses another thrilling bit of GTA news: a massive radio station collection is incoming! Head back to Los Santos with us on today’s Nerdist News.

Thanks for watching, don’t miss the latest episode of Sleepycast, the official Sleepy Hollow podcast, watch Malik also talk about the current state of gaming culture on Play, and let us know in the comments below if you think an FPS mode is enough to justify re-buying Grand Theft Auto V!

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  1. addepaddade says:

    hallloooo it is a dot if u look at the video lol XD

  2. Vidya Gaimer says:

    MY favorite video game soundtrack? Nostalgia is telling me any score by Grant Kirkhope on the N64. Max Payne 2 had a fantastic soundtrack. Then you got Half-Life 2, Portal 2 for that matter. Dang too many to choose from!

  3. Orion says:

    OMG all those arcade games were made free? I wish I had MAMEUI and almost every classic Arcade game ever for years now 😛

  4. Derek Read says:

    Really? “packed in a box” is the reason she didn’t review this game? That sounds just about as bad as how the game deals with women.