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GOTHAM Recap: ‘Rise of the Villains: Son of Gotham’

Warning: this post contains major spoilers—as in, all of them—for Monday night’s new episode of Gotham. If you don’t want to know what happened, do not read on! You have been warned.

When the heroes become villains and the villains become heroes, who can you trust on Gotham?

“Rise of the Villains: Son of Gotham” flipped everything on its head during the intense, action-packed hour that saw Bruce embrace Selina’s way of living in order to get what he wanted, and Penguin taking up the hero mantle (well, as best as he can) to save Jim Gordon’s life. It’s like opposite day! Let’s get to recapping the crazy hour, shall we?

This week opened on a somber note: the funeral of the young GCPD cop who lost her life to the cannibal Gordon refused to kill. As we predicted, he’s totally blaming himself for her death. After the funeral, Gordon decided to continue feeling like total crap and visited Theo Galavan in prison, letting him know he’d be at his trial watching the outcome. But later at home, Gordon confessed to Lee that he had a bad feeling about the trial, and is worried that Galavan might be released. But there’s no way, right?

Back at work, Gordon begged Captain Barnes to not get put on any other cases besides Theo’s, but since everyone is confident that Mayor James’ testimony at the trial will be open and closed, and Theo will be put away for life, Barnes refused. Of course, that didn’t stop Gordon and Bullock from researching the religious symbol they found in Theo’s penthouse, which led them to the Order of St. Dumas.


Meanwhile, Bruce enlisted Selina’s help in getting Silver St. Cloud to give him the information on who killed his parents—the same information Theo tossed in the fire before getting arrested. She taught him that the best liars are often telling the truth. So Bruce offered to Silver that he would pay for Theo’s defense in exchange for that information, and she didn’t seem interested until he whispered something in her ear and kissed her. She then looked like she bought it. But then Chibbs from Sons of Anarchy (his name is supposedly Tom but we’re just going to call him Chibbs) kidnapped her and used her as bait to kidnap Bruce. Turns out he was tasked with finding out what Theo told Bruce about who killed his parents, too. But Silver was lying when she said Theo told her the name, so Bruce got taken away and tortured, and then Chibbs started on Silver next. That’s when she dropped her “innocent” façade and ended up giving away the name: M. Malone. And then—twist! Turns out Bruce and Selina hired Chibbs to get the information from her! Money well spent. We are impressed, Mr. Wayne!

Deep in the bowels of Gotham city, Father Kreel and his brotherhood began “cleansing” the city with the blood of muggers, rapists, and killers. They then moved onto the Order of St. Dumas abbey, which had been turned into a happy endings-style massage parlor. As luck would have it, that’s exactly the moment Gordon and Bullock chose to check out the place, and before Gordon could get any information out of a monk, he ran in front of a truck.

Gordon figured out the monks are using the sewers to get around, so he and Bullock then checked them out, much to Bullock’s chagrin. They found and knocked out a monk after he had just killed a bum, and Gordon pretended to be a monk to find out the last victim the monks were going after: the son of Gotham. But who is that?


At the GCPD, finally someone started to get suspicious of Edward Nygma! When Lee overheard him talking to Penguin on the phone about the plumbing in his apartment, she assumed he was talking with Kristen, since “Kristen” had called in sick to work for a long time now and no one had seen her since. But he told her that Kristen left town with her abusive ex, which Lee obviously didn’t buy … so he started crying and she got uncomfortable and left. So he called his new roomie Penguin and told him to get rid of Kristen’s glasses since they’re the only evidence left of her death.

At Galavan’s penthouse, Alfred found Tabitha while looking for the missing Bruce, and they got into a really kickass fight that Jessica Lucas told us about. It’s incredibly even-matched, and Tabitha nicks Alfred’s side, lodging a knife in his back before he knocked her out. Is Alfred going to be okay?!

At Theo’s trial, everyone was shocked when former Mayor James confessed that Penguin was the one who kidnapped and tortured him, not Theo, when we all know it really was Theo. In light of his testimony, the judge ordered Theo’s immediate release and the case against him was dropped. Gordon decided that right then, in the middle of the courthouse and cameras, was the best time to punch Theo in the face. Nice!


But what’s not nice was what happened next: Gordon was knocked out and kidnapped—by Theo’s goons! At the docks, Theo confessed his whole evil history and plan to a tied-up Gordon: how his name is really Dumas and his desire to right all the wrongs done to his family over the centuries. He then cut Gordon down and gave him the chance to fight for his life, but Theo clearly outmatched him, knocking him flat on his back after beating him senseless. His life was only saved by Penguin, who had people following Theo, and intervened before Theo’s thugs could kill him …but soon after, Theo disappeared. Penguin is clearly on the hunt for revenge, and we’re pretty sure Gordon wants that too.

Since he took Selina’s advice to heart, Bruce confessed that he told Silver how he felt about her to make her trust him earlier that day, but teverything he said was really how he felt about Selina. So after Bruce told Selina the truth, she smiled but practically ran from his place out of nervousness, which was not good for Bruce since Theo showed up at his door immediately after. Guess that means Bruce is the “son of Gotham” the monks are planning to kill. Uh oh…!

What did you think of this week’s jam-packed, bloody episode, Gotham fans? Hit the comments section below to weigh in now!

Images: Fox

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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