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Goodbye G4 & Attack of the Show

Launched just 10 years ago, G4 is closing up shop to become the “fashionable male” channel Esquire. Over the years, as much as we loved some of the content and reruns of Cops, G4 struggled to find its footing outside of one or two hit shows, like Attack of the Show. Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira both got a boost from the program, and we’re here to say thank you and reminisce about the times we shared. Here are some videos that showcase what we loved about Attack of the Show.

Parry Gripp’s Girl at the Video Game Store


Kevin Pereira rocks out backing up Nerf Herder’s Parry Gripp on his ode to attractive video game store employees.

The Best of Kevin Pereira


When Kevin left Attack of the Show earlier this year, G4 did some work for us and collected some of his finest moments in an awesome video.

Kevin Pereira Flirts With Candace Bailey’s Mom


Some of the best moments throughout the life of Attack of the Show were just Kevin mocking his co-hosts and co-workers. This is one of our favorite examples of those epic moments: Kevin comes clean to Candace about his extracurriculars.

The Best of Allison Haislip


Best of the Stunts


When it came time to celebrate Attack of the Show‘s 1000th episode, G4 collected clips from some of their best stunts.

Olivia Munn

Remember when The Newsroom and New Girl‘s Olivia Munn used to be on G4? Guess she’s having a lot of luck with shows that are “new.”


This just barely scratches the surface of the fun times had on AOTS. Head over to for more reminiscing and hilarity.

How Dustin Saved the World on STRANGER THINGS

How Dustin Saved the World on STRANGER THINGS

Because Science

Because Science : What are the Scariest Things that …

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?



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  2. ClosetNerd says:

    Due to my busy life I enjoyed the absolute convince of turning of the TV to Tech TV/ G4 and counting on something being on that I would enjoy. That was back in the day between 2002 and 2006 before their new president decided to fix what wasn’t broke with this Idea that Gamers/nerd and geeks don’t want to watch shows about video games and such, obviously this meant we where banging down the door for reruns of Cops and Cheaters. By 2009 I had lost interest in the network and when Direct TV dropped the channel during in 2010 It didn’t phase me much. I had always held hope that one day a new owner or management would come in a lift G4 out of the septic pool it was drowning in and restore it back to it “fastest growing network on cable” status it once had. The story of G4 is a sad story about mismanagement on a epic fail level, the simple and sad fact is that TV executives didn’t understand their demographic. I have heard story’s of Kevin P and Adam sessler among other cast and crew constantly battling exutives over the years to get things done in away that would appeal to their demographic. Unfortunately the powers at be have mistaken their mismanagement and failures as proff that Video Game and geek/nerd TV doesn’t work. I’m sure that esquire will fail because it will be a post apocalyptic waistland of used NBC shows . As for the future of Gamer/ Geek on TV is non existent for now, but that doesn’t mean it will be dead for ever, for all we know as other networks fail and are created maybe oneday someone will look fondly upon memorys of G4 while growing up and push for such a channel once agian. Who knows what the future holds

  3. Liz says:

    “Television executives want to you to feel shame and gluttony and fear. That is how they sell stuff. Shows that make you feel smart and happy are not welcome on tv. Also, shows with smart sassy females are definitely not welcome on tv. Sad but true. There really is no reason for me to have cable anymore. I canceled it today. Screw you Comcast.” – AND THERE IT IS!

  4. Bok says:

    Someone has lost their f…. mind, shutting down G4 and the AOS and Xplay . This is a huge mistake. Unique program that was watch by everyone and replacing it with something untried= epic fail.I will not be watching what ever they offer.

  5. Brandi says:

    I will most definitely miss AOTS but also WHO ELSE WILL GIVE US 4+ HOURS OF COMIC CON FOOTAGE?? They would get exclusives and go behind the scenes during many comic con events and now where will we be able to see this?? Sad times…

  6. PR says:

    No reason to get our panties in a bunch. G4 will be missed, but TV as a whole is facing its extinction. Our lives are the internet. And until something better comes along, it’ll be the preferred choice of communication, entertainment, marketing, and a whole lotta business.

  7. KlondikeBrass says:

    If it wasn’t mentioned, Syfy is part of the Viacom debacle that has pushed the whole Science and Science Fiction genre into oblivion on the cable networks. Syfy is a pale reminder of what it used to be and with G4TV being axed, there’s nothing really left.

    IF Discovery networks can be creative, they could potentially turn their Science channel into what geekdom has been lacking: a true tech/geek programming channel. Fringe and Firefly was the first salvo, why not a show similar to X-Play and AOTS?

  8. Logan says:

    I just got G4 back because I moved and switched cable. I can not believe these shows are gone. Maybe nerdist will turn into something.

  9. James Jones says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group. G4 took worthwhile, informative TechTV and replaced it first with garbage like AOTS, the high point of which was shoving a small web server up someone’s behind, and later with endless repeats of unoriginal programming. Good riddance. I’ll be toasting Leo Laporte and playing a TWiT marathon to celebrate, though I do wonder when Esquire will finally appear. I won’t watch it, G4 just needs to be put out of its misery.

  10. jesterkiller says:

    I loved “Attack of the show” and “X-play”… G4TV is making a huge mistake.. Not only will I not watch the new “Esquire” channel’ I will also block it with my parental controls so no one in my family, accidentally watches any shows on it…….EPIC FAIL………………………………..

  11. Stan says:

    Television executives want to you to feel shame and gluttony and fear. That is how they sell stuff. Shows that make you feel smart and happy are not welcome on tv. Also, shows with smart sassy females are definitely not welcome on tv. Sad but true. There really is no reason for me to have cable anymore. I canceled it today. Screw you Comcast.

  12. KielMoNster says:

    I can’t believe not a single network has picked up either AOTS or X-Play! So many memories though. Where am I gonna learn about cool nerd stuff now? 🙁

  13. Timmy says:

    Great moments! and always love the convention and E3 and CES shows. The feed was a necessity at my house mostly due to the fact that a lot of the news stories they covered did not get a ton of play on conventional news outlets but there is hope many of the hosts and the great personality have been recently doing podcasts and blogging in a big way

  14. Rockerboy007 says:

    lol I am genuinely sad.. I do know that G4 tv turned crappy for last couple of years. I’m almost 22 now and I watched a lot of G4 while in high school. I feel very sad. X-play and AOTS will always have a special place in my heart!

  15. Daniel V. Schilling says:

    I miss AOTS 🙁

  16. Gary Bravender says:

    Where will we go for our techy and sexy fix now? I’m gonna miss Sara and Candace the most but, will miss Matt,Chris and Kevin as well The Nerdist should pick up everyone who was involved and reboot the show as something else.C’mon Chris you’ve got the resources and connections Make it So!!!

  17. CJ says:

    Attack of the Show, Screen Savers, X-Play, Code Monkeys & yes TechTV (how fortunate we were to have Nerd-tastic programing on Cable or Satellite – & if it wasn’t for Me & my fellow Geeks would be up shit creek without a paddle) ….

    Thank you all for sharing your opinions, I’m not going to post hate and / or disagree – I am going to agree with the fact this sort of programming is probably better off being available online (or as an app downloaded for Android / Apple), although it would be nice to see something on par @ SPIKE TV, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel …

    Never the less, FUCK YOU COMCAST 10,000 TIMES !

    I hope everyone who was apart of G4 – TechTV goes on to do better things (most of them already have) & that the & hungry Comcast makes like Merry Xmas, Shitter’s Full!)

  18. CXRengel says:

    Sorry, but AOTS slowly went downhill since Sarah Lane and Kevin Rose left the show. The humor was not just awful and juvenile, but left more long silences & awkward pauses than an Adult Swim cartoon. And, Olivia Munn… where do I begin?

    The only bright spots were when the show took its segments seriously, as well as Blair Butler with “Fresh Ink”.

    I’m glad there’ll be no more endless repeats of Cops & Cheaters. Maybe (in the slim chance we get lucky) the new channel will come up with a better (and more serious) pop-culture show like AOTS.

  19. David says:

    Man. I hate to see you guys go, Only reason I actually watched “TV” was to watch G4.

  20. CraziFuzzy says:

    So – If you look at the timeframe of the entirety of those ‘highlights’, you’ll easily see why comcast is pulling the plug. All the ‘best moments’ were years ago. That said, i still watched AOTS daily (DVR’s of course, in proper nerdist fashion)… There really is no comparison on broadcast television for these two programs (AOTS and X-Play).

    I guess this is the proof that online streaming really IS coming in full force – I just didn’t think it would be the cabletv companies driving the transition through repetitive copying of each other.

  21. Tyler says:

    i am just so dissapointed in this…..but the show i will miss most actually went on its way a few years ago. farewell code monkeys….

  22. Ernest says:

    I agree with a few other folks sentaments, TechTV was the best, as it covered computers, electronics, video games, etc. TTV, went from benining users to vary experienced users. They even showed how to mod OCs, game systems, etc. G4 except for x-play became more about entertainment & less about information & education. Those who were part of TTV when the merger happened were promissed that, they wouldn’t loose their jobs, then the network relocated to LA & anyone unwilling or unable to relocate was fired.

    Many of the hosts from tech TV have successful blogs, why not encorperate them with Nerdist & other similar content on a new network, and as a cooperative youtube channel.

  23. Nick says:

    I have to disagree with most of you. Attack of the Show was not that great to begin with and the only thing on G4 (other than X-play, is that still on?) remotely near what the channel started out for.. VIDEO GAMES. The original programming, if any of you remember, was all about video games. I also don’t think Kevin is that great of a host. I much prefered the show “” with Scott Rubin, because he cared about the nuts and bolts of the games (Much like the Indoor Kids podcast asmuch as that’s and irritating name), and.. wait for it.. HE WAS ONE OF THE CO FOUNDERS. Once G4 stopped being about video games in 2004 he left and started all games productions, including a podcast (then called internet radio), which was much like a very long version of his original show, “”. M

    My point being, G4 has been long gone since at the latest 2005.
    I was there when it launched (and elated that there was a WHOLE CHANNEL devoted to video games) and I was there when it died. It was a sad day in my life when ‘Icons’ started playing reruns.

  24. Robert says:

    Nerds and geeks are more popular now than ever before and so the Mental Midgets who own the network decide to reboot the only network on cable devoted to them. I guarantee that there are a hell of a lot more nerds/geeks in this country than there are “fashionable males”. More Sheldon Coopers than Christian Greys.

  25. Vincent S says:

    I first saw AOTS a long time ago when it was years after the TechTV, G4 merger and I LOVE AOTS. I love its kind of humour especially the hosts over the years and it has allowed me access to Chris Hardwick, Grand Overlord and Master of this domain, Alison Haislip, Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira. I’ll miss this show for the awesomeness that it is/ was and hope that the talented people in front and back of the camera will be okay in the coming months.

    AOTS, you weren’t perfect and you made bad jokes from time to time but I love this fun show that I can enjoy from a very far place. It has been fun.

  26. Brian says:

    This is exactly what happened to tech TV! the way you guys feel is how we felt in 2004. the people you like are going to do other things and you’ll rejoin them there. But in the mean time… Ha! serves you right assholes!

  27. J.H. Peck says:

    Frankly, G4 ruined a really good show when they changed it from “The Screen Savers” to “Attack of the Show”. At least the best folks from it recovered with Revision 3.

  28. Flabeo says:

    The reason I say online over somewhere like Comedy Central or Spike is because this shit needs to be global. In today’s world the legal system just limits US televised content, the Internet on the other hand can reach everyone NOW.. That’s where Nerdist, YouTube, Twit and Revision 3 fit in.

  29. #RedHotPooper…That was the high water mark of AOTS. It never got any better.

  30. Jack says:

    I loved AOTS and X-Play. Granted AOTS got kinda weird after Kevin left, it’s still sad to see them go. Best of luck to all the talented people who worked there. May your paths take you where you want to go.

  31. I find it interesting that while these shows were cancelled there has been no promotion for any new shows for the “Esquire” network. The daily amount of new content on G$ was 90 minutes. G4 had programming from 09:00am – 05:00am. 20 of 24hrs. You could keep both shows and then put in new content thru the day. Nah just cheaper to cancel everything.

  32. Katt says:

    I too would love to see G4’s beloved original programming picked up elsewhere, either by another cable network or an online channel. *cough*NERDIST*cough*.

  33. Dave says:

    I pretty much second CJ’s comments. I’m really surprised Spike hasn’t picked it up. Heck, BBC America is becoming the new nerd mecca, how about them? Or SyFy???

  34. Flabeo says:

    With all due respect to G4, Nerdist does “geek” entertainment better. With that said I loved AOTS AND The Screen Savers before that.

    Although two very different shows it really was the CNN for geeks.. Could Nerdist hit the ground running here? Pickup where they left off? Maybe even do it better?

    After all, their audience IS online… we’re just waiting to see if and who does it first.

    • CJ says:

      Dave & Flabeo both made me realize this could be a Basic Cable Channel / Online collaboration (& it could work to the benefit of my fellow Nerds) – if not SPIKE TV? Then hand it over to the Comedy Central (another Viacom owned Network) & share the expense with Nerdist’s corporate controller (the future is what we see on television, as well as what is made available “streaming” online) …

      And give us GEEKS a Store to shop online @

  35. CJ says:

    Fuck You Comcast! (and I hope this so called Esquire Channel turns into an epic fail!)

    If Viacom had any brains, they would pick up most of G4’s Shows – including Attack Of The Show (rename it if you have to for whatever fucked off legal reasons) – & start replacing some of their ignorant programming …