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Gold Bubble Announces THE LAST UNICORN Dresses and Leggings

If you traveled back to the ’80s and told my younger self that one day she would be able to wear classy The Last Unicorn apparel as an adult, she wouldn’t believe you. But, the day has come! Gold Bubble Clothing has partnered with Peter S. Beagle, Avicenna Development Corp., and Conlan Press to officially offer a collection featuring skirts, leggings, poncho tanks, and dresses inspired by The Last Unicorn. The clothing features stills from the 1982 animated film and art from the 2011 graphic novel.

The Last Unicorn book was published in 1968 and has been beloved by many over the years. It’s been adapted for the film, stage, and comic books. Given its lasting power, you’d think there would be a wide range of associated merchandise available. That has not been the case though, and the apparel department has been especially lacking. Gold Bubble’s release will hopefully help change that.

Their new series has 15 pieces and focuses on a variety of characters from the classic story. You can wear the ferocious Red Bull, Amalthea in her human and unicorn forms, Molly Grue, and Schmendrick. I like that the clothing features different art styles, and I’m a little too excited that I can express my adoration for The Last Unicorn by wearing Amalthea leggings.

Here are a handful of items Gold Bubble has available:

See the rest of the collection at Gold Bubble. Prices start at $49.

Will you be adding any of their The Last Unicorn series to your closet? Let us know in the comments.

Above art by Renae De Liz from The Last Unicorn graphic novel.

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  1. scarica77 says:

    Where are the t-shirts and hoodies for us simple folk?

  2. gridsleep says:

    Very nice. The shoes, some of them, appear to double as self-defense devices, no? Unsettling.