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GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET Brings Together Godzilla and Hello Kitty

For the last six decades, Godzilla has defended his title as King of the Monsters against all contenders, including the Fantastic Four, King Kong, and even Charles Barkley. But now, Godzilla is heading into his most bizarre crossover yet. Ahead of this fall’s anime film, Godzilla: Monster Planet, Toho and Sanrio are unleashing the unlikely combo of Godzilla and Hello Kitty.

Via Crunchyroll, Hello Kitty won’t be the only Sanrio character to cross paths with Godzilla. Big G is also set to appear alongside My Melody, Pompompurin, and Little Twin Stars. Each illustration sees Godzilla rendered in the style of the respective Sanrio creations.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Godzilla as happy as he is next to the Little Twin Stars. Clearly they get along well, and we can almost believe that this little Godzilla wouldn’t dream about crushing us all while taking on Mothra in a fight to the death.

Godzilla and Pompompurin also seem to be fast friends, as they share a nap together. We can’t help but notice Godzilla is a little less pleased with My Melody and Flat the mouse as they put ribbons on his body. He probably thinks it would be rude for him to refuse a makeover. We know Godzilla is all about being polite.

Finally, Godzilla and Hello Kitty attempt to mirror each other. It’s kind of adorable.

These designs will soon be available in the official Godzilla store and sold in locations across Japan. More details about further collaborations between Toho and Sanrio will also be announced in the near future.

What did you think about Godzilla’s team up with Hello Kitty and friends? Let out an atomic roar in the comment section.

Images: Sanrio/Toho

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