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DIY Dammit

Go Behind DIY DAMMIT with Joselyn Hughes

The Nerdist Channel has just launched a brand new show, DIY Dammit, in which host Joselyn Hughes and star guests, like YouTube star Grace Helbig, make cool things using household or craft store items. We thought we’d give you a chance to get to know the woman behind this new and awesome program with a little 7 Questions, which are like Craig Kilborn’s old 5 Questions, but with two extras added because we’re awesome and different. And be sure to subscribe to the Nerdist Channel to catch more great ways to do things yourself. Dammit.

Nerdist: What was the inspiration behind DIY Dammit?

Joselyn Hughes: It was this recipe for Apple Cider Caramels. My soon-to-be sister-in-law had bought them to my parents’ house last year and they were SO delicious. When I found out she had made them, I HAD to try it myself. But I failed miserably, even after several attempts. Still can’t get it right.

There’s something about doing things yourself that the internet makes seem so easy, but in truth it’s not. You can’t just buy a couple of 2×4’s and magically, a new coffee table appears in your living room. It’s hard! And I wanted to find things to try out that I did honestly, in front of a camera, so a viewer could know what a normal person has to do to walk away with a final product — even if there’s a little bit of struggle involved.

Nerdist: How do you decide what projects to do on the show?

Joselyn: I try and chose projects that someone would want in their home, that aren’t too difficult, and don’t cost a lot. Things that are reasonable for someone who isn’t by nature a craft-inclined. So far, I’ve asked my friends which ones they’d like to see out of a list that I put together, then go from there.

Nerdist: Are there any that you want to do that might be too complicated?

Joselyn: Absolutely. But it has to be worth your time, money, and effort. Sometimes going to the store or buying it online is worth it. And some things I just am not good at. So I stay away from those things.

Nerdist: What’s been your favorite DIY project, either for the show or just in life?

Joselyn: I just moved into a new apartment, and settling in has been awesome. I’ve been able to paint, build, and change a lot of things in it because it’s one of those old L.A. places that has seen a lot. But I honestly really love all the things I make on the show. I wouldn’t make something I wouldn’t use or own.

Nerdist: Let’s say you got the opportunity to do any DIY project with any guest; what would they be and, the natural follow up question, why?

Joselyn: Dare I say Martha Stewart? Can we all admit she rules? She’s the queen, hands down. It’s Martha, and she crafty as hell. That’s why.

Nerdist: Hot glue or duct tape?

Joselyn: Duct tape is pretty ugly and hot glue doesn’t always have the best hold. I’m going rogue and saying super glue.

Nerdist: We’re sorry, that was not one of the options. But we appreciate your rebellious nature. What would you say to someone who thinks they can’t do it themselves?

Joselyn: I’m no life coach, but we don’t all have to be crafty. If you don’t want to do DIY, then don’t. Because it does take time and patience, so if you don’t have those things, go to Amazon. They have everything. (Sidenote: I don’t work for Amazon, but am happy to be sponsored…AMAZON.)

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    I can’t believe she didn’t put the drain hole where normal, ahem, bodily leakages/functions occur. The only thing cooler than a dinosaur with a plant growing out of it is a dinosaur with a plant growing out of it that can pee.