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GILMORE GIRLS: Supercaffeinated Recaps, Part 4

Can you believe we’ve already made it through season one of Gilmore Girls? That’s what happens with the supercaffeinated approach. And now, it’s time to start diving into season two. It introduced the depth of Lorelai’s challenges with love and relationships, saw Richard get more development as he left the only job he’d ever really had, and brought Jess more fully into the picture. In short, Stars Hollow was quite the happening place. Speaking of, how is that the small town gets more charming and endearing with every season? I could never live in such a place full time—I’ve done it before and it’s not for me—but I like watching the quirkiness from afar.

Anyway! Season two.

Letting It Out

“Hammers and Veils” had so many ups and downs. It was mostly about Lorelai and her engagement, but there was a key incident with Dean and Rory too. Rory completed her first volunteer shift and panicked when Paris pointed out how much volunteer work she’s already done. Because Rory is Rory, she wanted to make amends immediately and plan—and Dean lost it. He apologized later, but ugh, he was so jealous and possessive of Rory’s time. Quit being so whiny, Dean! It’s one of the little clues about what’s ahead for the couple.

On the Lorelai front, she lost it with Emily because Emily didn’t seem excited about her engagement. Of course, Emily found out about the engagement because Sookie told her and not Lorelai. Oops. Sidenote: Who paid for the super extravagant wedding shower? Did the inn have to fund the insane number of desserts Sookie made? I have questions about how that works.

Anyway. We’ve seen Lorelai and Emily snipe at each other, but I believe this was their first full blowout. Lorelai’s temper was a thing of beauty, and Emily’s wasn’t too shabby either. Max witnessed the ire of the Gilmore girls firsthand and handled it with aplomb. That’s one classy dude.

Favorite quote: “It took me two seconds to tell you I don’t care, that’s as quick as I get.” – Michel

An Unexpected Road Trip

A spontaneous journey is just the thing one needs after they’ve canceled an engagement, right? Road trips clear the head, cleanse the soul, etc. “Road Trip to Harvard” featured Lorelai and Rory at their best. They had plenty of friend sort of moments, but what I especially liked about the episode was seeing them act like mother and daughter. Rory tried to get Lorelai to talk about her decision not to marry Max, and the resulting argument was one of the few real disagreements we saw them have up until that point. It sounds like I’m all about watching feuds, but I promise I’m not. I just like variety. The emotion from the fight piled on top of sympathy and understanding for Lorelai’s situation guts me every time I watch it.

But it’s not all sadness! The episode included a stay in a gaudy bed and breakfast with a cat and way too many flowers. It’s exactly what I imagine every B&B to be. That setting and Rory’s obvious delight over visiting Harvard provided all the right kinds of comedic relief. Ooh! Plus, there was the adorable moment when Luke found out Lorelai’s engagement was off and perked up. Those two.

Favorite quote: “A cool B & B. That’s like saying an understated Nicolas Cage movie.” – Rory

Coming Out

Emily missed her chance at being part of events like debutante balls with Lorelai because of the whole pregnancy thing, and because of that she was always on the look out for the opportunities to experience them with Rory. For better or worse, Emily never shied away from a little manipulation if it meant getting her way—I almost admire it. (Almost.) In “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore,” she played upon Rory’s sweetness by convincing her to come out at a Debutante Ball.

The episode did more than highlight one of the silliest aspects of society living. The ball poked at the never-ending bitter feelings between Emily and Lorelai about the latter’s lost teenage years and it planted something between Lorelai and Rory too. Lorelai saw Rory fitting into a world that she never wanted anything to do with, and it unnerved her. On top of all that, Christopher came back into the picture as a more responsible, mature adult. In short, he was everything Lorelai wanted him to be. She opened herself up to the possibility of her and Christopher—he did propose last time we saw him—and then learned he had reformed himself because of another woman. Damn. Lorelai is not having the best luck in love.

Favorite quote: “Young girls in ugly dresses and stupid fans are parading around in circles for god knows what reason, and you two are ruining it!” – Lorelai

What are some of your favorite episodes and moments from the first part Gilmore Girl’s second season? Let me know in the comments.

Image and GIF Credit: Warner Bros.; 2009 Was a Good YearTayCriss Gilmore

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