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In news that will not surprise anyone, the Supergirl/The Flash crossover was the source of a pile of cute GIFs appropriate for more than a few occasions. I had to feature more than one in this week’s GIFtastic TV; it was a moral imperative. You’ll find scenes not from Supergirl, too, including gifs from iZombie, Star Wars Rebels, and Daredevil.

1. I Volunteer!

Winn’s reaction to Barry on the crossover was very amusing. He wanted to do everything possible to help.
Use this GIF when: You agree to take on an important mission (or a not-so-important one, like fetching coffee).
[via Winn Schott]

2. Best Pals

Kara and Barry became pals in no time at all. Their similar precious personalities made their friendship a no-brainer. They parted with this affectionate hug.
Use this GIF when: A friend needs to smile (or when you need to smile!).
[via Because Amy Says]

3. Throwing Down

Liv ate the brain of a volatile stripper in the recent iZombie, and it meant her temper was a bit on the touchy side. In other words, it was quite entertaining.
Use this GIF when: You need to challenge someone to a fight (it will probably come in particularly handy in Batman v Superman debates).
[via Samantha Groves]

4. So Much Rage

Daredevil loves to get into fights in hallways, and it happened more than a couple times in the second season of the Netflix series. Matt was a force of raw nature sometimes.
Use this GIF when: You’re feeling so angry you can’t even.
[via Daredevil]

5. What a Surprise!

Barry showcased his super speed with the best move ever: he ran off to get Team Supergirl ice cream. Kara’s reaction said it all.
Use this gif when: Someone gives you fantastic news you can hardly believe and/or ice cream.
[via redunk]

6. A Different Path

Ahsoka faced Darth Vader in the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels and had a moment where she told him who she really was. It gave me chills.
Use this GIF when: You’re ready to do something people tell you that you can’t do.
[via jaimelannaster]


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