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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from THE FLASH, AGENT CARTER, and More

Prepare to save some images, friends. I’ve gathered my favorite gifs from recent episodes of television, and they’re made for being used in your texts, tweets, tumbles, and everything in between. This week’s GIFtastic TV includes memorable moments from Agent Carter, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, and more.

1. Feeling Shocked

Peggy had to turn to an unlikely source for help in the most recent Agent Carter. She sprung Dottie Underwood out of prison so Dottie could provide assistance with Whitney Frost, and as you can tell, Dottie was not so surprised to learn no one from Russia has tried to get her out.
Use this gif when: You need to express sarcastic surprise.
[via Agent Carter ABC]

2. Aren’t You Cute?

Killer Frost thawed ever so slightly in the second part of The Flash’s Earth-2 episode. She helped our heroes but only after she toyed with them.
Use this gif when: You want to do the gif version of raising an eyebrow.
[via Queen of Torture]

3. Becoming a Legend

Heat Wave toed the superhero line in the most recent Legends of Tomorrow. He rescued Ray when he could have left him behind. Heat Wave’s not exactly proud of it, but he took the right course of action.
Use this gif when: You’re having a Jessica Jones sort of day.
[via Cold Wave Legends]

4. She Makes a Good Point

I don’t often agree with Petra on Jane the Virgin, but in the most recent episode, she talked sense by pointing out that telling someone to keep calm doesn’t really help. At all.
Use this gif when: Someone tells you to stay calm.
[via Carla]

5. Up Top

Friendship hang outs are the bestest parts of Supergirl. Sure, all the flying through the sky and fighting villainous aliens is fantastic, but I love watching the crew come together and stuff their faces.
Use this gif when: It’s time for a virtual high-five.
[via Jess]

6. Cutting People Off

If I had to pick one character on The Shannara Chronicles I wouldn’t mess with, it would be Eretria. She’s fierce, armed, and doesn’t put up with any crap.
Use this gif when: You’ve had enough–like when someone is going all “Well, actually” on you.
[via Alba]

I hope these gifs earn a place in your gif reactions folder. Do you have any fun TV gifs to share? Link ’em up in the comments or get them to me on Twitter.


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