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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from ORPHAN BLACK, KIMMY SCHMIDT, and More

What a week. The last seven days have brought a whopper of a season two finale for iZombie and an equally huge season four premiere for Orphan Black. Both shows had some particularly memorable moments that have been captured in gif form for use in your day to day texts and tweets. I’ve rounded those and a few others up for this week’s GIFtastic TV.

1. Remember Me

The finale of iZombie brought the recently afflicted with memory loss Blaine in contact with Major. Blaine’s actions caused all sorts of trouble for Major, but you wouldn’t know it from his casual reaction.
Use this GIF when: You need to remind someone you’re there.
[via so many situations/Tumblr]

And bonus, how about this gem from Clive?

[via peace quill/Tumblr]

2. Take a Face Journey

Tituss isn’t exactly one of the more subtle characters in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He found a way to emote even after the librarian shushed him.
Use these GIFs when: You’ve heard shocking news and/or when you need to tell someone to shut it.
[via Brittany/Tumblr]

Then there’s this sage advice when you think everyone should get along:

[via teesa/Tumblr]

3. Visiting the West

Sara Lance has fit right into every time period the team has visited in Legends of Tomorrow, and she was a natural in the Old West. Sara was as fierce and capable as ever and provided some rather perfect GIF-able expressions.
Use these gifs when: You’re considering something that sounds crazy and/or when you hope that something crazy actually comes through.
[via dontkierame/Tumblr]

4. Wait a Second

Are you keeping the clones of Clone Club straight on Orphan Black? Hopefully the season four premiere didn’t get you too mixed up what all the Beth Childs stuff.
Use this GIF when: You’re feeling the most adorable.
[via beyunseh/Tumblr]

I can see this coming in very handy:

[via OrphanBlackZone/Tumblr]

Please share your links to your favorite gifs from the last week of television in the comments or send them to us on Twitter – @nerdist/@amy_geek.

IMAGES: The CW, Netflix, BBC America

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