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Giant Robot Spiders Will Soon Rule Us All

Are you petrified of spiders? Do you constantly find yourself worrying about the inevitable robot uprising? If you answered yes to both of those then holy crap this story is not for you. However, if you aren’t afraid of either, then this video of a swarm of highly sophisticated robotic spiders, moving in unison to music befitting an evil dictator, is the coolest thing you’ll see this week.

These Wi-Fi enabled futuristic mechanical bugs are known as T8X Spider Robots, and they come from Robugtix. Each is equipped with 26 servo motors as well as their own proprietary motor, “which contains advanced robotics algorithms for controlling multi-legged walking robots.” This gives them “fine movements, programmability, and customizability,” allowing them to move like real spiders, all controlled by an app.


That’s right, you can buy one of these yourself–they are currently on sale for $855, down from their normal price of $950.00–to play around with. Or you can splurge and get a few thousand to overrun your town and rule it with an iron fist, an evil empire built upon the backs of robot spiders.


Spider-Man fans probably already had this same thought, but these look like real-life versions of of the Spider-Bots Doctor Octopus made when he controlled Peter Parker’s body. Though unlike in a comic book, we doubt we have to worry about these falling into the wrong hands.

We hope.

Because if this video isn’t just a super cool way of showing off some awesome technology, but instead it is a warning to all of us, we think we know what comes next.

Dear god. If there’s one thing scarier than robot spiders, it’s thinking about Wild Wild West.

What do these awesome robots make you think of? What would you do if you had one of your own? What about a few thousand? Crawl into the web of our comments section below to tell us.

Images: Robugtix

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