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GHOSTBUSTERS to Get the Marvel Treatment?!

Oh, Dan Aykroyd, you wild and crazy guy. The co-creator and star of Ghostbusters is at it again, laying out even more elaborate plans for the franchise – and on today’s Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot‘s exploring a world in which his latest schemes could actually happen!

Get ready to hear all about how Ghostbusters might get the Marvel treatment, what that could possibly look like, how it could go terribly wrong, and what we can do to stop Hollywood from flooding with interconnected cinematic universes – then, if you’re really into ghosts, check out Nerdist’s official Sleepy Hollow podcast, the aptly named SleepyCast!

Thanks for watching today’s show and don’t forget to come on back for another round tomorrow! Watch Dan talk Star Wars spin-offs on The Dan Cave, and let us know in the comments below whether you’re in favor of a Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe!

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  1. filter says:

    why is anyone even considering a reboot/new cast of ghostbusters.  the charm of the first one was like 90% cast and 80 percent of that was murray.   

  2. Qz says:

    Blah blah blah everyone hates Dan Akroyd because he’s “crazy” but it’s actually because he’s smarter then you!

  3. Mugen Kage says:

    Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion,  Craig Robinson, Jason Bateman …… BOOM! best cast ever!

  4. Allan Brown says:

    All female cast? It could work as long as they hold auditions at a HOOTERS

  5. Rob Biller says:

    I’ll have what she’s having…

  6. captkevman says:

    If anything, Ghostbusters should exist in a shared universe with Men In Black and maybe BPRD (Hellboy). Each organization specializes in different areas: Ghostbusters (Ghosts, duh.), Men In Black (Extraterrestrials), BPRD (Fairly Tales/Mythology).

  7. dabigbad says:

    Dumb Ass idea… Somethings are best left alone… Did anyone see Ghostbusters 2 ?? Ok enough said !!

  8. Garrett says:

    I think if they want to do a universe, then it should start with the new one. If they want it to be a cast of women, then have them be the daughters. It’s not the best idea, but it would at least start something different.

  9. kerrell says:

    This is why I love Jessica,that krispy kreme part was hilarious.Also Dan jumping in at the beginning with ghost blasters cracked me up.

  10. Arnuld says:

    Didnt Dan Ackroyd originally write Ghost busters to be a whole thing? the answer is YES.

  11. water says:

    a crossover of ash from evil dead in a ghostbusters would nice.  or have studio ghibli make one. 

  12. Jared Gase says:

    Isn’t Egon dead? 

  13. Red_Mattos says:

    The video game was basically the third movie.

  14. Chris Brocco says:

    WHOA they forgot the pull list how I am supposed to know what’s good this week? As for ghostbusters just go away the first one was good the 2nd was crap and the third well it’s been way to long for a sequel.

  15. MichaelSacal says:

    I like the Extreme Ghostbusters model. They should use that for the movie.

  16. MichaelSacal says:

    “Who you gonna call?” He-Man.

  17. Bob Clark says:

    Dan Akroyd, please, just let it go.