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Get Your Goggles! Nerf Gun is Fully Automated and Shoots 68 MPH

I know we live in a politically divisive time, but there is absolutely one thing we can all agree on: Nerf guns just aren’t dangerous enough.

Consider how many times you have shot your unsuspecting friend in the face, only to think to yourself, “Ugh, I barely did any damage to his eye because I wasted all that time reloading.” Well, those days of minimal destruction are over my fellow citizens, now that Nerf has announced a new, fully automatic blaster that can shoot foam balls up to 68 miles per hour.

This gun is the newest model in their RIVAL series, appropriately called KHAOS (an unconfirmed report says the other name under consideration was EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT), and it’s a big old piece of plastic that will have you walking around pretending to be the Terminator.


The gun was unveiled this past weekend at New York City’s Toy Fair, and the folks at The Verge had a chance to handle one. The KHAOS is apparently very heavy and very big, capable of shooting up to forty foam balls, simply by holding the trigger. They say the soft balls don’t hurt, but if you’ve ever been hit in the face by a stupid Nerf dart at roughly 1/3rd the speed you know that’s not going to hold up to real world conditions.

Let’s just be honest here–this isn’t for children. This is for college students to recreate The Hunger Games in their college dorms. This is for walking around at family holidays, shooting your little cousins like you’re some renegade cop cleaning up the streets of your city. This is for adults to cosplay an alien invasion with their cats.

I’ll need three of them.

It looks like I’ll have to wait until this fall, though, when they are expected to go on sale for $69.99. That’s almost a dollar for every mile per hour. Totally. Worth. It.

Will you buy one of these? Shoot into our comments below to tell us why.

HT: The Verge
Images: Gizmodo/Nerf

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