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Get Your First Good Look at The Green Goblin In New Photos From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

**Note: the following contains potentially spoilerish images.

This morning we got confirmation that while he’ll be directing the third film in the series, Marc Webb will not be back to direct the fourth installment of The Amazing Spider-Man. But while we were spending the last few hours thinking about movies that haven’t been written yet, Sony went ahead and released some new images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and one of them’s of arguably the most famous Spidey-villain debuting in the film.


Yup, that’s the Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) twist on the one and only Green Goblin. As far as crazy goes, this version definitely fits the bill.

But the fun doesn’t stop there when it comes to new Spidey goodness:

As that first image implies, a new trailer is on the way and will get here sooner rather than later, so keep your browsers tuned to for more Spider-Man sweetness in the coming days.

HT: Aint It Cool News

Images: Sony Pictures

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  1. XPatriate says:

    Kudos @Jim Wirt . . . my exact thought when I saw the pic…looks like Evil Ed!

  2. John Aspiasu says:

    Spider-Man (Toby’s) was mediocre at best! Amazing was a lame reboot that was done too soon after the first. Amazing 2 will be dumb but fortunately the Amazing reboot will come out 2 weeks after Amazing 2 comes out, then the Amazing 2 reboot will be out 2 days later. Bottom line; if you want good Spidey, read the comics.

    P.s. If you disagree with my comment, do not fear, JJ Abrams will be doing a reboot of it in about 3 hours.

  3. Cpt Spaulding665 says:

    the 1st one sucked so in theory this one can only get worst.

  4. Greg Easton says:

    I cannot WAIT to not see this train wreck.

  5. Ben says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    This one says “We don’t get it.” 500 times.

  6. Nich Hustler says:

    I love how comic fans can’t grasp that the movies are a different continuity from the comics. That said there are things I love about this Spider-Man and things I don’t, but for the most part as a long time Spidey fan I enjoyed the first one and I am pumped for the sequel.

  7. chris jester says:

    I love the new Spidey movies Andrew is so much better then Tobey ever was i just hope when they do the Vemom movie they gey an actor and not some kid that had only played a stoner on a tv show for 8 seasons Topher was no Eddie Brock i was pissed about thay

  8. what says:

    what sh*t is this? Harry not Norman? The only GG is Norm and they start with the son? at least it doesnt have the cruddy armor but what the heck is this?

  9. putin's bear ride says:

    I canIt wait for this movie. The first trilogy and maguire were so, well “un spidey”. Too many compromises have been made.

    I really enjoyed the first one (garfield is a perfect parker). I mean they just get it. They simply get it.


  10. Jeff Lee says:

    Jim nailed it.

    Also, point of order: This Green Goblin is neither green nor very goblin-like. I do see a slight touch of green around the temple. So…some kind of slow transformation, perhaps?

  11. grim says:

    PS The reboot is still stupid.

  12. grim says:

    Dane just looks like his Chronicle character in armor/tactical gear.

  13. Jim Wirt says:

    Look, it’s Evil Ed from Fright Night!