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Get the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Soundtrack (Legally) For Free Today!

As you can tell from our Groot centric post from earlier today, we love Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie that gripped our collective imaginations this past summer took us on a sci-fi ride of epic proportions. And since the credits rolled, all we’ve wanted to do is dance along to “O-o-h Child” again and again. Well, thanks to Google Play, you can download (in the U.S.) and enjoy the beloved soundtrack for free and dance along all you want.

How can you get the soundtrack, you ask? Just click here, log into Google Play with your Google account (which is free to sign up for if you don’t have one already) and click “add to library.” After that, you’ll have the soundtrack, as well as the ability to play it across any mobile device sporting the Google Play app.

So come and get your (Guardians) love! Now you can carry the tunes of Star Lord anywhere you go, how awesome is that?

The only thing we have left to ask is, why are you still here? Onward, Nerds! Run to the glory that is free music and download the soundtrack if you don’t have it already (which we’re sure isn’t many of you)!

What song on the soundtrack is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. And before you go, make sure you check out our playlist of what we hope will soundtrack the next GOTG

[HT Variety]

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  1. sarah says:

    it seems it is no longer free

  2. Souris says:

    I really would have expected Nerdist fans to be marginally more intelligent. Wow.Yeah, Google Play sucks. So? Download the mp3 and do what you want with it.

  3. Lol no says:

    God, I hate it when I get teased like that and it turns out it’s only free in some banana republic 

  4. blah says:

    Why do I have to enter my credit card info if its free?

  5. Zerokewl says:

    The article states it is only free in the U.S. Those out of the country could try a VPN with U.S. access.

  6. tavaron says:

     6,99€ isn’t free v_v welcome to the borders of the intercrap

  7. Suz Magoo says:

    Pfft 8.99 for Aussies… so much for ‘free’

  8. Scott says:

    Cost me 99 cents… well worth it.

  9. Pauros says:

    Is it only for USA?

  10. Farvana says:

    I was totally unfamiliar with 10cc.  Looking forward to becoming familiar and adding it to the vinyl collection!

    • Joel K says:

      They were a reasonably successful act in the ’70s.  They are probably most famous for the song “The Things We Do For Love”.  Most of their discography from the ’70s is pretty solid.  Their ’80s output is less so.

  11. Dustin says:

    Was totally free for me, Google Play Music is free when sign up, charged me $0.00 for the playlist, also helps when you’ve got an android phone that you’ve been using GPM on since you got it.  But, yeah, it’s free

  12. Jason S says:

    Yep, it’s about as “FREE” as everything else in life…which is…not at all

  13. Suzanne says:

    Spotify is free 🙂  Thank you Nerdist!

  14. Nikkles says:

    I entered my paypal and they took it & I got a reciept for $0 charge. I’ll just take it off my “payment” on google play in case they start charging me to listen to it.

  15. Zaga Zaga says:

    I’ll torrent it!

  16. dizzlemits says:

    Window’s Phone can still stream thru the browser for everyone who wants to complain about the free goodness…

  17. Corinne says:

    It’s a ploy to get signups for Google Play Music. If you want to listen to your “free” download more than a month from now, you gotta pony up US$10. 

  18. Gabriel garcia says:

    Blues swede is the best

  19. Kate says:

    Hey kids, just enter your credit card number and list it as USA and use a US zip code. Just worked fine for me in Australia. 

  20. vanessa says:

    I like the whole sound track 

  21. Jeremy says:

    $8.99 for Australia

  22. Commonperson says:

    Well that was interesting, it’s 99 cents in Canada (totally reasonable) but it looks like it’s rejecting a LOT of people using Paypal which apparently doesn’t trust it as a safe transaction. I ended up using a credit card but that’s something Google may want to sort out (I called their support and they said Paypal rejected the transaction though I made other purchases recently just fine).

  23. Mike says:

    Remove this post its £5.49 in the UK.

  24. jimbo says:

    Will not work on windows phone. And I was so excited.

  25. keith says:

    $0.99 here. 

  26. Rob Pearce says:

    Thank You!!!

  27. Masha says:

    This is a lie. It is not free.

  28. Beta says:

    Free…. but I have to put my credit card info in?

  29. Amy says:

    it’s asking me for a payment method….

  30. rowan says:

    tried it, it wanted to charge me £5.49

  31. SeventhReign says:

    Already had every single song on it ….

  32. Nick says:

    Oh, you have to use Google. 🙁 I use Amazon Music and have a windows phone. So I guess I’ll buy it. 🙂