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Get Sloshed Like A Viper Jock*!

Reasons why Quantum Mechanix continue to be the greatest purveyors of nerd-morabilia in the galaxy – #5,623:


I love my t-shirts and my action figures and I can indulge in a little ooh-ah over pricey spaceship models, but really, I adore ultra-geeky prop replicas. This insanely awesome replica of the Battlestar Galactica Top Gun stein prized by Galactica’s top dog Viper pilots now has a waiting list available, prior to the upcoming pre-order period. A back-up version of the actual stein from the show sold in Propworx’s second BSG auction for over $4,000, but this outstandingly detailed bad boy can be yours — because QMX are the best, they are my favorites — for a mere $59.95. BARGAIN.

Don’t fool yourself that you’re not buying it; Use that energy to start debating just what you’ll drink out of it. If you’re cool enough to drink out of it.  (Starbuck disdains you if you’re not):


* NOTE: We would like to remind you to drink responsibly, and not to get behind the wheel or behind a Viper throttle while intoxicated. KTHX.

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  1. Lindsey D says:

    It will go great next to my Frakking Toaster! Would it be wrong to also drink Starbucks out if it? Dirty…

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    We’ll see whether QmX actually brings this to market. It’s at a decent price point, and accessable to fans without the resources to make their own (it’s actually quite easy, even if it renders the stein ‘unuseable’), but their track record isn’t so hot.

    Maquettes and paper props are their bread and butter, but once they start trying to produce real replicas from their licenses the house of cards falls apart.

    The most laughable thing is the Enterprise Refit build — $4,995?!? It’s just a remolded Polar Lights kit ($60) built by a former ILM modelbuilder who charges half that if you buy the kit and hire him to do the same job independently. And there is a grater than 50% chance you’ll receive it busted into multiple pieces, due to poor packaging and freight handling.

    Trust me, I know a thing or three about ultra-geeky prop replicas.

  3. Topgun says:

    Insanely awesome. Saw this at SDCC at the QMX booth and would have bought it on the spot, but it wasn’t available yet. Really, really looking forward to seeing this on my shelf!

  4. Chris says:

    Is it a coincidence that I saw this article immediately after pulling out my latest batch of beer for bottling?