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Get Hooked On This MASS EFFECT and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Mash-Up Trailer

What happens when you take a badass sarcastic captain, give him a formidable spaceship, and load it up with the galaxy’s most unsavory characters to save the universe? You get the plotline of Mass Effect…or Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Mass Effect? Mass Galaxy?

Thanks to YouTuber Zeb Ekeroth, he’s taken the audio from the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and combined it with game footage from the Mass Effect games and created a magical mash-up of two very similar sci-fi universes.

Take a look at the stellar mash-up below:

Ekeroth put in a lot of work to make this mash-up relatively true to the first Guardians trailer. While there are notable changes to the audio in a couple of places for the sake of that Mass Effect flair, he does an incredible job at recreating the scenes of the trailer as well as matching the appropriate Mass Effect characters with their Guardians counterparts. I even felt a wee bit of sadness with the nod to Thane and his short lifespan.

Upon viewing this, it’s left me to wonder what other sci-fi marvels (no pun intended) could be mashed up? We’ve already seen a Star Wars and Guardians mash-up, but anyone up for putting together a Firefly and Guardians mash-up?

Guardians of the Galaxy will crash land into theaters on August 1st.

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  1. Rodrigo Diaz says:

    Actually it makes sense.

  2. Ha! This was great.
    And I know that Shepard is customizable, but male Shepard always throws me off for a sec.