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Get Hooked on The Screen Team’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Parody

The Screen Team is at it again! When Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters and subsequently dominated our every waking moment, it was just a matter of time before our Nerdist Alliance partners gave James Gunn’s interstellar adventure the pop culture parody treatment. While the rest of were wondering just how to recreate that Dancing Baby Groot scene in our own homes, the Screen Team took matters into their own hands and gave us all the Guardians goodness we could have asked for and then some. And considering that the Guardians soundtrack is sitting pretty at #1 on the Billboard charts, it’s about damn time that we had another earworm to displace the sweet strains of Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” and The Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb” from the wrinkles of our brains.

What’s your favorite Screen Team parody? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Rose Robeck says:

    I LOVE their videos!  I love their Avengers and Batman villains videos!  And I LOVE their song to their Smash Brothers video!  And their Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video was funny too!  This couple is great!  I’m a HUGE fan!  

  2. CJ Cummings says:


  3. I like some of Screen Team’s videos, others are a miss.  But you know what I really dislike, all of the Screen Team fans who insist that if you don’t love every Screen Team video, you must be an idiot, or somehow jealous of their rampant talent. How about admitting that some people just have different tastes?
    And yes, Angie’s boobs do a lot of the heavy lifting (pun semi-intended) on some of the weaker videos that would otherwise be completely forgettable. Deal with it.

  4. Danitabear says:

    They seriously make the best videos

  5. James says:

    lol hilarious

  6. Jaimelikesu says:

    OMG that was so hilarious. Loved it!!!!!!!!!! The guy sounds just like the Hooked on a Feeling singer. I need to see this movie again 😉

  7. DaedalusZM says:

    So bad. Even autotuned, that guy is a terrible singer.

  8. Mandy Lynn says:

    That was AMAZING!!! haha

  9. HotStuff2 says:

    Wow that was horrible to listen to and even worse to watch. The only reason ANYONE watches Screen Team is for Angie’s boobs. ( . Y . )

  10. Aaron Travis says:

    Mass Effect parody Breath Carolina

  11. Hillary says: