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Get Emotional with Adult Swim’s Official Emoji Keyboard

We’re a visual species; we love expressing ourselves through images a lot more than speech or letters. A picture is worth a thousand words as that intensely overused adage maintains. But with texting becoming the primary form of human interaction, the desire for emotional images–known colloquially as “emoji”–that convey different, distinct feelings is paramount. Which leads us to this little innovation…a free text emoji keyboard from the good folks at [Adult Swim] that allows you to show anger, happiness, sadness, drunkeness, other -nesses, through the faces and images from your favorite weirdos and whack-a-doos that populate late night.

The app has all your favorites, starting with our old pals Rick and Morty. You can have Rick’s face showing manic grins, monstrous frowns, and off-his-ass drunk. There’s also Tiny Rick. (Tiny RIIIIIIIICK!) And if you want a Mr. Poopy Butthole or a Mr. Meeseeks, then you’re in good company as well. Other shows represented include the old-timey favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, The Venture Bros, several of Rob Corddry’s terrifying faces from Children’s Hospital, and even a couple faves from Too Many Cooks.

Have a look at the official poster to see the many emoji at your disposal. (There are more than this, but this is a good cross-section.


On top of just the emoji, which are great on their own, you also get to choose GIFs, soundboard clips, and a way to make your own bumps. It’s truly a great day to be alive. And the best part is that this keyboard is free and available now in the Google Play and iTunes app store. Go to it, Squanchers and Squidbillies alike!

And let us know your favorite in the comments below!

How does the Rickstaverse work?

Images: Adult Swim

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