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Get a Crash Course on the Oscar Best Picture Winners with This Video Guide

With the Academy Awards just about 4 weeks away, most movie fans are doing their best to see all the nominees before the big night, checking film after film off their list. Oscar season also makes people think about past winners. “Will THIS year’s winner be as good as last year’s?” “You know what shouldn’t have won? (insert movie title of choice here)”

There are also people that don’t know how to join that conversation because they don’t know who won at the Oscars. Thanks to Burger Fiction, those people now have a handy video guide to every single best picture winner from 1927 to 2015.

This video not only chronicles all of the winners, but it also shows how films have changed over the years. From acting styles to technology, each year gave viewers something new and different.

What I liked about the video was how the type of movie could change so drastically from year to year. For example, in 1975, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest tore at your heartstrings for the residents of an insane asylum. In 1976, you got to route for the underdog in Rocky, and in 1977, you laughed at Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. The only issue I had was having to be reminded that Titanic won over Good Will Hunting in 1997. If you’re like me, you just let out a big sigh over that.

You can check out more of Burger Fiction’s videos on their YouTube channel here.

The Academy Awards, hosted by Chris Rock, will air February 28 on ABC.

So what do you think? Are you filling up your Netflix queue with the movies you haven’t seen yet? Was there a movie that you forgot was an Oscar winner? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

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IMAGE: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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